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The Quest

Audiobook Review
Title: The Quest
Author: Nelson DeMille

Loooong book. 16 discs. There were parts of it that I thoroughly enjoyed and other parts that were really off the storyline and very long in unnecessary detail. Not my favorite Mr. DeMille book.

Author: Wendy Webb

I now read all 3 of Wendy Webb's books and hopefully she will come out with a new book soon.

Julia's life is collapsing around her until a stranger shows up on her doorstep and offers her a a job to be his mother's caretaker. She arrives at Havenwood and starts to live a life in luxury. And to make things more interesting her new charge is her favorite author the world thought was long dead.

Strange things happen soon after Julia arrives at the estate. She is than told an unbelievable story that explains who she really is.

I love all the unexpected twists in this book.

Great thriller!

Title: Stalked
Author: Brian Freeman

The duo of Detective Jonathan Stride and Serena Dial are back in this thriller!  When Stride's partner, Maggie Bei, reports a crime in her own home, Stride is immediately aware of her obvious holding back of information.  But why?  Stride and Serena set out to find the terrible truth surrounding Maggie, while trying to clear her name of murder.  A true psychological suspense that intrigues readers to the very end.

Title: The Bear
Author: Claire Cameron

This book is based on a true black bear attack that happened in 1991. The author said she added the kids. The story is told from 5 year old Anna's point of view. Anna and her family were camping on Bates Island when they were attacked by a large black bear. The parents were both killed and Anna and her 2 year old brother, Alex were spared. This is a story of survival and the after affects of a terrible loss.

Author: Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handlers new book is just as hilarious as her other books. This time she writes about traveling and the hilarious things that happened to her that probably were not funny when they actually happened. Chelsea's first adventure is a safari in Africa where she does not bat an eye when an elephant comes charging at her, but goes crazy when she runs into a harmless snake on the deck. We read about her adventures in the Bahamas and skiing in the Swiss Alps. One thing I do get from reading this book is how appreciative Chelsea is of her good fortune on her success in show business and writing. I can't wait for the next Chelsea Handler book.

Author: Courtney Angela Brkic

First of all, the cover is intriguing. And you shouldn't judge by it's cover, but had it not been for the cover, I am sure I would have passed it over a few times.

I rated this book 5 stars ~ a book that was closer to 5 stars rather than 4, and so much more deserving of the 5 stars!

Two sisters, Magdalena and Jadranka, from the small island of Rosmarina, in the Mediterranean, are very close.  After Jadranka goes to New York, Magdalena gets a phone call from their cousin, whom Jadranka was staying with, saying that Jadranka has disappeared.  Jadranka, ever the free spirit, has disappeared in the past, but has always maintained contact with Magdalena, but this time she has not.  So, sets in motion they story . . .

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Author: Jo Nesbo

I've now read all of Jo Nesbo's adult books. They usually move fast and have several characters. Quite a bit to keep up with, but worth the effort. This was another book in the Harry Hole series. I enjoyed it.

Author: Lopez Lomong

Lomong was six when he was taken by rebel soldiers from his church in southern Sudan and brought to a soldier training camp, where he was left to grow old enough to fight or die. Three older boys fom his village took him with them when they escaped, and he ended up in a refugee camp in Kenya for ten years. From there he was fortunate enough to move to the U.S. when he became a foster child to a New York family. Used to running 18 miles a day for the privilege of playing soccer with the other boys in the refugee camp, Lomong became a star of his high school's cross country and track teams. From there the Olympic dream he had as a boy in the refugee camp seems like a real possibility. Lomong's faith in himself and God inspired him to great accomplishments, not the least of which is getting an education to help those left behind in his homeland.

Audiobook Review
Author: John Green

Miles is looking for a more exciting life when he begins boarding school. When he meets Alaska, a fellow student, he begins a rollercoaster friendship with the funny, intelligent, volatile girl. He and his roomate, the Colonel, frequently join her for drinks, cigarettes, and pranks, but her moodiness frustrates them. When she spirals out of control, so do they, and are left to make sense of it all in the aftermath. Fans of The Fault in Our Stars will enjoy this earlier book from John Green for its realistic portrayal of teenagers and their problems.

Author: Robin Sloan

If it is a book store, I want to stop in and check it out.  The same thing happened when I noticed the novel Mr. Penumbra's 24 Hour Bookstore .  This bookstore provides you with more questions than answers. When I opened the bookstore and walked in I didn't want to leave.  Characters came to life and were continually reshuffled in the context of the story.  The book contains a little something for everyone--adventure, technology, love story (for books), friendship and detective story.  This was a fun read that I hope you take the time to investigate.  Find your Reading Room and investigate the next stages of books

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