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Reviews by Debbie C.: (Seymour) Muehl Public Library

Author: Kate DeGoldi

“I know what I can do on Thursdays!” shouted Perry. “I already know!”

     Perry’s parents are busy people and believe that Perry, an only child and special needs student, needs to be busy each day after school. And so Perry begins her weekly visits to Santa Lucia, an assisted living home for dementia parents, where her gran is a resident.

     A class assignment is to create an ABC book about a specific topic. Perry writes The ACB with Honora Lee with the help of her gran and the residents of Santa Lucia. Although she struggles elsewhere, at Santa Lucia Perry shines.

     While reading this book, I was again reminded of friendships and special relationships that can develop between youth and the elderly. I reminisced about time spent with my grandmother and great grandmother from childhood to adulthood. I was reminded of the school children who visited the assisted living facility my mother lived in and how these visits lifted up the residents.

The ACB with Honora Lee was written for 8-11 year olds, but it is a story for all ages to read, enjoy, and learn from.