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Author: Sara Gruen

This is a must read for any fan of historical fiction.   Set in the time of the "great depression",  the book describes the account of a man in a nursing home reflecting on his history.  The movie was  finely done, but I much prefered the book.   The plot and story are outstanding and the characters are believeable.   I have reccommended this book to friends and they were very impressed,  they asked it I had more such reccommendations ! (  Sorry, books like these don't come along very often.)   This is a book that would be of interest to men, women, and older teens.  If you read only one book this year, read this one!

Author: A.J. Quinnell,

This is an excellent read, released in 1980.   A movie with the same title was also done, with Denzel Washington as John Creasy.   Because I enjoyed the story and the character of John Creasy in the movie, I read the book.  I was not disapointed.   The book takes place in Italy and has a different twist than the movie.   I recommend both.  This is a read that can be of interest to men, women, and older teens.   If you liked the movie, try the book.   If you haven't seen either, try one or the other.  It is violent so if that bothers you, this may not be the one for you.  Great story and characters !

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Author: Ellery Adams

Another new series for Ellery Adams--A Book Retreat Mystery.  If you find yourself at Storyton Hall in western VIrginia you myust be a book lover.  A retreat for book lovers, Storyton is more than it looks.  A little worn in places this retreat caters to book lovers. Manager Jane Steward went all out to attract famous detectives from literature in hosting a Murder and Mayhem week.  But they also attracted an actual murder.  An interesting read, colorful characters and plot twists, I look forward to reading more in this new series.

Author: James Rollins

Rollins has created a tight unit with Tucker and Kane, almost joined at the hip.  Tucker Wayne could be the soldier you know that came back from action. The characters are strong and engaging.  The situations they get into are tight  with near escapes.  I enjoyed the action but miss some of the historical and scientific bent that Rollins is noted for in his Sigma Force series.    A story that has you wondering could this be true today.

I look forward to where Rollins will be taking this series.

Author: Hannah Dennison

This takes place in the English countryside.  And there are some murders involved, but the characters are slightly demented, strange, odd, bizarre and perplexing.  This is not a scary intense who-dun-it typical mystery.  I thought more description would bring definition of why these people were so eccentric but as you keep reading their backgrounds come to light and give insight to their behavior.   The author has some strange turns and twists in the plot but everything adds up to a cozy mystery.

Author: Wolfe Tom

Set in Miami, Back to Blood follows a Cuban-American cop, a WASP newspaper reporter, a Russian oligarch/patron of the arts, and a sleazy psychiatrist who treats pornography addicts (of which he is one). Even the blazing Florida sun fails to encourage the mythical American melting pot, as Wolfe again masterfully depicts a major American city riven by ethnic differences. Wolfe's writing is mesmerizing — the plot pulls you forward; the characters fascinate and repel; and the language is dazzling. "Torn from the headlines" is often true of his fiction, as I was reminded when I finished the novel and turned to a story in the New York Times that could have served as the inspiration for one of the plot lines in the book.

Author: Karen White

This is the 4th book in the Tradd Street series.  The story,  a mixture of mystery, romance,  humor and even ghosts, takes place in Charleston, South Carolina.  I found the historic background of the area very interesting.  You could almost picture the old mansions and the refurbishing they were attempting.

In this story the quirky Melanie Middleton is 40 years old, pregnant & single.  Melanie is single only because she turned down the proposal of Jack, the love of her life.  The on again & off again relationship of these two is quite entertaining, and the trials of Melanie being pregnant will bring a chuckle or two.  Before the birth of her baby, Melanie must solve the mystery of the remains of a baby that was found in her historic southern mansion along with the ghostly crying of a baby in her house.  Melanie is a ‘ghost whisper’; she has seen ghosts all here life & can even talk to some. 

I can recommend the full series.  They are fun to read—mystery and humor.

Audiobook Review
Author: Stuart Woods

Another great audio book of Stuart Woods mysteries.  Makes my travel to work bearable.

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Author: Sharon Dunn

Another great book in the series of needlework mysteries in a small town!

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Author: Fern Michaels

Latest of Fern Michaels sisterhood series.  Features the main characters of the series!

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