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The Butterfly's Daughter

Author: Mary Alice Monroe

When Luz Avila’s mother abandons her as a young child, her beloved abuela moves from Mexico to Milwaukee to raise her. Theirs is a simple life, blessed with love and rich in Mexican culture. One particular legend, often recounted by her grandmother is that of the Monarch butterfly, and how it is believed that the Monarchs are the souls of their departed relatives, coming back to earth. As migration time for the Monarchs approaches, Abuela tells Luz she wants to follow the butterflies’ journey and return to her family home in Michoacan.

When Abuela dies before she can make her journey home, Luz decides to make the journey to Mexico alone to bring her grandmother’s ashes back to her family in time for the Day of the Dead. Luz’s journey is not without troubles, yet the unexpected friends she meets along the way enrich her life in many ways.

This is a story of family, friendship and self-discovery. Luz’s journey to Mexico is full of twists and turns and you can’t help but be inspired by the woman that she becomes.

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