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Author: Doris Gates

I rated this book 1 star.

My granddaughter found this book at a book sale. Originally published in 1943, it was later reprinted in 1968. This looked like a delightful book, so I asked if I could read it. That way, when she was done reading it, we could have a book discussion! How fun!

Books were written entirely different that many years ago, and I took that into consideration.<--break- />

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Author: Anita Higman

I rated this book 2 stars.

This is the first book I have ever read by Ms Higman. And probably my last.

Too sappy, too romancey, just too over the top. The story line was just too perfect. Flawed characters, and that was good, but I think they skirted the real guts of what the issues were by being too nicey-nicey with each other. I also could not see this situation ever happening in real life. I think that stories can be inspirational without being sappy.

Romance books are not my thing. I live in the real world where everything is not always nice, and neat and tidy. Realistically, people hurt other people's feelings without intending to, but then when you have such bitterness in your heart, the hurt can be intentional.

These people all had a lot of issues, I think that to reach a reconciliation with your heart and others, that there is waaaayyyyy more work involved, and relationships are not instantaneously repaired.

Author: Darien Gee

A continuation of the people of the idyllic community of Avalon, Illinois.  Darien Gee introduces us to world and lives of a few "scrapbookers". (Or was it "scrappers"?)  I gave this book 3 stars.

Madeline's Tea Salon in Avalon hosts a scrapbooking club once a month, lead by the every busybody herself, Bettie Shelton.  All of the women go, for their own personal reasons.  To escape a broken heart, to heal a broken heart, or just a place to go to escape from their lives, if only for a few hours.

As with Friendship Bread I found the reading very light and easy to follow. I would like to think that somewhere out there in Small Town, America that this Shangri La community exists.

The book did inspire me to pull out my Friendship Bread starter from the freezer, and maybe, just maybe . . . I might revisit the scrapbooking craft . . . maybe . . . Maybe when I visit Shangri La?

Author: Laura Moriarty

I needed a book like this! I rated it 5 stars, as it was so much closer to 5 stars than 4.

Cora Carlisle, 36, accompanies 15 year old Louise Brooks to New York for the summer of 1922 so that Louise can study dance at the prestigious Denishaw School of Dancing. The trip is a transformation for Cora. Without giving the story away, Cora makes discoveries that will leave her reeling, and forever change her life.

Although a fictional story, I knew that Louise Brooks was a real person before I started the book, but had read nothing about her. While reading the book, I did some ferreting around online, and read a few things.

I thought that the author did an excellent job on her character study of Ms Brooks, and although I didn't find anything that said she was arrogant or narcissistic, I most certainly got the impression that she was. Also every bit as difficult to deal with, promiscuous, an alcoholic, and didn't do so hot in the relationship area, on any level ~ female or male.

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Author: Randy Susan Meyers

Tia had an affair with Nathan, who was married to Juliette, got pregnant, Nathan walked away, Tia had the baby, gave her up for adoption, through an open adoption, the baby was adopted by Caroline & Peter, but Caroline really didn't want to be a mother, so she did it for Peter, now it is 5 years later, & Tia decides to send pictures of the daughter to Nathan, where Juliette intercepts the pictures... This is a discombobulated, get lost in the words, where in the heck is this going story.

I had read The Murder's Daughters and didn't care for it, but I thought I would give the author another chance. I highly doubt I will be reading any more by this author.

(It is said that writers write what they are familiar with, but there are those with a more vivid imagination.  I do not presume to know Ms Meyer's background, but she may have some deep-seated unresolved issues that come through her writing, or she is very imaginative.)

Author: Beverly Lewis

Not to give to much away, in this story Katie sets out on a mission to find someone, to find herself and to reunite.  While reading I was never sure what was going to happen next.  I could not put this book down and the last in the series finishes the story line well.

2nd book in the Heritage of Lancaster County series.

Author: Shilpi Somaya Gowda

Do yourself a favor and acquaint yourself with the glossary in the back of the book first. That will make for easier reading.

Kavita gives birth to a daughter who is promptly murdered. She gives birth to another daughter and (with her sister) defies her husband and takes the baby to an orphanage in Bombay. Later she gives birth to a boy who changes the life of her and her husband. However, a price is paid.

In America, two doctors marry. Somer is American and Kris is from Bombay. They find out they are infertile and go to Bombay to adopt a daughter which happens to be Kavita's secret daughter.

The two stories begin to run parallel. What is happening to Kavita and her family in India? What is  happening to Somer, Kris, and the young girl in America?

The stories eventually intertwine in a beautiful and meaningful way. This book is about familial love in all of its forms and the importance of identity. There was a lot of food for thought with this book!

Author: Kim Edwards

Dr. David Henry, an orthopedic surgeon, delivers his own son when his wife Norah goes into labor in the middle of a blizzard in 1964 and the obstetrician cannot make it to the hospital. David and Caroline, the nurse on duty, keep a secret from Norah for many years. This engrossing story keeps you wondering if the secret will ever be revealed. This is a well-crafted story you won?t want to miss.