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Author: Graeme Simsion

Ooh, ooh, ooh, a fabulous follow-up to "The Rosie Project". (& a perfect Valentine's Day read!!) Don and Rosie are starting new lives in New York. They have the challenges of new jobs and new friendships. Add to that a pregnancy and the fun of these two characters ensues. Don gets himself into laugh out loud, unpredictable situations (the park and the birthing class come to mind!). But there are also tough and sad encounters as each of them is navigating this new idea. They both love each other but have communication breakdowns because of how polar opposite their personalities are. And Rosie got pregnant without planning with Don, what was she thinking?! I love that Don's extreme stringent behaviors once again end up being helpful. I adore what they end up calling the baby and why. There is so much joy and gentleness and kindness of spirit in this book. The science is interesting, too. Well done!!