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Author: Nickolas Butler

I listened to this incredible book and there were 5 narrators. The lovesongs are many in this book. There is definitely a lovesong to Wisconsin and a lovesong to male friendship and lovesongs between couples in the book. The writing in this book was beautiful and gorgeous to listen to. It reminded me of Michael Perry, only it was fiction.(I enjoyed the richness of vocabulary). I loved all of the characters in their frailty and in their strengths. One quote that stayed with me: "Sometimes that is what forgiveness is anyway, a deep sigh." Just a great story with lots of intricacies. A detail is mentioned and you are not sure what it has to do with anything, but later all is revealed! I love that kind of storytelling!

This is also a debut. Congrats! A Wisconsin author to watch!

Author: Noelle Hancock

I loved this book because I think it is a great idea to learn more about your role models most especially when you are at loose ends yourself. I am a big Eleanor Roosevelt fan so that was just a bonus! What I liked, too, was that the author discovered some not so great things about Eleanor. I think that is so refreshing--we need to admit that everyone is human and has human failings and that we can still learn from our role models even when they fall short in our eyes. I thought of so many of my female friends when I read this and I was anxious to recommend this book to all of them! The age of the author and her journey of seeking reminded me a lot of "Julie and Julia". However, this book was SO much better! Noelle is introspective and brave and a fantastic writer.

Author: Ka Hancock

A sensitive novel about how it would be to marry a man who is bipolar and how to stick it out with him. The author deftly captures how this man, Mick, would be fighting his ups and downs. How he would be living his life in between bouts of hospitalization. How he would need support from many different avenues. This book is a love story about how Mick finds the love of his life, Lucy, and how they build a marriage. Challenges occur for them. Lucy gets cancer. Lucy also has an accidental pregnancy. How do Mick and Lucy traverse these challenges? You will have to read the book to find out! This book is very well done down to the title itself.