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Dead Girls are Easy

Author: Terri Garrey

This book would appeal to those of you who like reading chick lit, paranormal, or just enjoy a fun story. I am normally not a reader of things unworldly but love this series, so do not let the “paranormal” label scare you away. Nicki Styx, the Goth owner of Gladrags, a vintage clothing store in Atlanta, has a near-death experience and now finds herself able to see and interact with dead people. Nicki tries to live a normal life but the ghosts of Atlanta keep seeking out her help straightening out the messes they left behind.

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Author: Sara Rath

I enjoyed this book because it was set in Wisconsin and I was familiar with the settings--Madison versus Up North. It was the famous plot line--woman plucked from metropolitan area to obscurity and falls in love with the place and a man. I kept feeling like I was missing pieces--duh! I discovered I was listening to abridged. I hate that mistake! A good read for summer--try the unabridged!

24 Karat Kids

Author: Judy Goldstein

Dr. Shelley Green loathes the Upper East Side of New York. Imagaine her conflict when Madison Pediatrics offers her a job. Not only does she accept the position, but before long she is living and loving the East Side life. There are many humorous situations with her young patients and with her personal life. If you enjoyed The Devil Wears Prada or The Nanny Diaries this book is right up your alley.

Pen Pals

Title: Pen Pals
Author: Olivia Goldsmith

I have been a huge Olivia Goldsmith fan since 'First Wives Club'. This book was well written with strong characters. Jennifer is imprisoned because of a corporate crime that she did participate in. However, she was also set up as the fall gal. Through her time in prison she begins to learn respect for the other prisoners and realizes that conditions need to be improved in the prison. Using her financial savvy and her connections in the outside world she is able to turn the prison around. The prison warden is going through a midlife crisis and by teaming up with Jennifer they make positive change. Also, Goldsmith loves the exacting of revenge so there is a fair share of that, too, on the people(male) who set Jennifer up. There is one helpful, sensitive male--thank goodness--for relief. This book contains many subplots. But what I really liked was how many details I learned about actual prison life. Wow, it is an extremely difficult place to spend time emotionally. (I feel compelled to do something about prison reform myself after reading this book even though it was fiction.) I liked the title's play on words! I had no idea that the book was going to be about prison.

Dogs and Goddesses

Author: Jennifer Crusie

Dogs and Goddesses is a collaborative effort by three romance authors: Jennifer Crusie, Anne Stuart, and Diane Rich.

Abby, Daisy, and Shar meet at a dog obedience class taught by an ancient Mesopotamian goddess in a small Ohio town. If you think that sounds improbable, you might give up on this one when the dogs start talking. This tongue-in-cheek triple romance is more than a little silly, but it’s also a fun read, and the voices of Bailey, a characteristically hyper Jack Russell terrier, Bowser, a laconic Newfie, and Shar’s loyal daschund Wolfie ring true to this dog lover.

Undomestic Goddess

Author: Sophie Kinsella

Workaholic lawyer Samantha Sweeting has made a huge mistake which could cost the company millions and nix her upcoming partnership in the firm. Upset and confused, she walks out of the office, boards a train and ends up in a small village, where she stops to ask directions. In a classic case of mistaken identity the owners of the house believe she's come to apply as housekeeper. Since Samantha thinks she will not be staying she makes outrageous claims about her housekeeping and cooking skills. In reality she has never cooked and has no idea how to iron or even sew on a button.

While her friends, pushy mother, and employers try to get her to come back and face the debacle she decides to make the best of her new position and stay. After several narrowly averted domestic disasters, the hunky gardener and his mother help her achieve domestic goddess status and find a measure of peace--at least until her job catches up with her!

Fans of Katie Fforde and other British romance authors should check this one out. Those who like Kinsella's Shopaholic series will also enjoy this romance. The appeal is in the characters and what will happen next.

Undead and Unwed

Author: MaryJanice Davidson

This is the first of a list of books starring Betsy, the Queen of the Vampires. Betsy is having a really bad week. First, she loses her job, then she is killed in a car accident. Betsy can't seem to stay dead, as she has been turned into a vampire. Her first concern is how she was nearly buried in cheap knock off shoes instead of one of her designer pairs in her closet. There are very funny scenes of her adjusting to her new life. This is Chick Lit meets Vampire.

Deep Dish

Title: Deep Dish
Author: Mary Kay Andrews

This book was predictable--you knew the ending pretty quickly. But it was fun to see how the author was going to get there. The characters were one note, but likable just the same. Great beach/summer read. And the bonus is that there are marvelous recipes in the appendix.

Good Things

Author: Mia King

This is a good title for a Young Adult or an Adult. This was a good book. It was a fast read and I liked how the protagonist overcame so many hurdles because of her creativity, openness to new ideas, and general positive attitude. I like how the author incorporates a reverence for nature in her books. And I am a sucker for a good love story and a happy ending...