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fairy tales

What really happened to Tara?

Author: Graham Joyce

A compelling read from the very first chapter. Twenty years after going missing, Tara shows up on her parents' doorstep looking ragged but not a day older than when she left. Where has she been? Tara's brother, her ex-boyfriend, and her psychiatrist each have their own opinion of Tara's bizarre story. Even Tara begins to question herself, and the reader is left to decide for herself wherein lies the truth. Do you believe in fairy tales?

Originally posted in: APL Picks

The True Story of Hansel and Gretel

Author: Louise Murphy

Will we ever truly understand what it was like to be Jewish in World War II? Probably not, but this book adds another perspective. Just like in the fairy tale you remember, two children are abandoned in the woods and if you pay close attention there is even a trail of breadcrumbs. But it isn't because the stepmother doesn't like them. The family is running for their very lives. They must all lose their identities in order to survive. Even their names have to change. There is a cottage in the woods, a mysterious and frightening old woman, and a big oven. It reminds us that mankind is all one family; we do horrible things to one another, and we do kind and caring things for one another. Not until the end did I realize you never know their real names. Sadly, neither do the children. Family, love and hope are present as strong characters. This is not a pretty story, but it is a compelling one.

Originally posted in: APL Picks

The Stolen Child

Author: Keith Donohue

Hobgoblins kidnap Henry Day when he is 7 years old, leaving an imposter in his place. Each Henry tries to adjust to his new life. Living in the forest with other stolen children who are also waiting to switch places, the 'real' Henry struggles to piece together fragmented memories of who he was. Meanwhile, the 'imposter' continually fears discovery and cannot forget that he is living a life that doesn’t belong to him; he eventually seeks out the truth of who he was before he too had been stolen and exiled to live in the forest as a hobgoblin (long before he stole Henry's life). Their quests to each recapture their true identities eventually converge.

Very interesting story of the Changeling myth and the struggle to discover and shape our identities as we move from childhood to adulthood.