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Author: Nickolas Butler

I listened to this incredible book and there were 5 narrators. The lovesongs are many in this book. There is definitely a lovesong to Wisconsin and a lovesong to male friendship and lovesongs between couples in the book. The writing in this book was beautiful and gorgeous to listen to. It reminded me of Michael Perry, only it was fiction.(I enjoyed the richness of vocabulary). I loved all of the characters in their frailty and in their strengths. One quote that stayed with me: "Sometimes that is what forgiveness is anyway, a deep sigh." Just a great story with lots of intricacies. A detail is mentioned and you are not sure what it has to do with anything, but later all is revealed! I love that kind of storytelling!

This is also a debut. Congrats! A Wisconsin author to watch!

Author: Ann B. Ross

Fans of the Miss Julia series, and even those who have never read a Miss Julia book, will enjoy this a lot.  It's a great story and a cookbook all rolled into one.  Miss Julia, who says she doesn't like to interfere with anyone else's business, does exactly that.  She decides she simply must help Hazel Marie, who has baby twin daughters, and who cannot cook a lick.  While getting all her friends to donate recipes, plus demonstrate how to cook a dish at Hazel Marie's, she manages to create tons of havoc, even though she has a heart of gold and truly wants to help.  Thrown into the mix are Hazel Marie's husband (what is he really up to?), a self-proclaimed Pastor and Hazel's uncle, who moves himself into the already hectic household and treats everyone to his harsh words and criticisms.  I really enjoyed this book and hated to see it end.

Author: Amy Franklin-Willis

I would rather have rated this a 4.5, but thought 4 stars was too low. With that being said . . .

Ezekiel "Zeke" Cooper, Clayton, Tennessee, at his 25 year class reunion, ponders his life. How could the the smart boy with a full scholarship to the University of Virginia, end up living like this? Divorced, his ex-wife's wedding the week end before, living in a shack behind his mother's house, and working on the line in an elevator plant? And the drowning death of his twin brother Carter, defining his life? Seeking refuge, he leaves Clayton, on a mission. To end his life. But events change, and he ends up at Cousin Georgia, and husband, Osbourne Lacey's home near Bailey, Virginia.

I thought it was ironic that I should finish it on Mother's Day, as a lot of the book focused on the relationship of Zeke and his mother. Zeke had a lot of issues with his mother, and they were not unfounded. He felt ambivalence towards her, but refused to even speak with her to try to resolve it. His entire adult life was spent shutting her out.

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Author: Liz Curtis Higgs

This book is a short novella that can be read in one sitting, so it's perfect for the times when you just want to cuddle down and read a complete story.  The book is well written, albeit a bit predictible in the plot, but very, very enjoyable.  The story revolves around Meg Campbell, a young lady fleeing from her home and her abusive brother on Christmas Eve.  Her brother suffered an injury at the hands of Gordon Shaw years before and has been taking it out on everyone ever since.  Mr. Shaw happens to be on the same train that Meg boards to head back to her job, a train destined to become snowbound in a blizzard.  Based in Scotland, I was happy to see the names of some small towns in Scotland that I happen to be familiar with as I have friends there.  I was a bit taken aback when I saw the little town listed in the story but it made me smile.  She did her homework!  She vividly describes the scenery, the biting cold, and the emotions of Christmas, a time that should be filled with joy, but are filled with heartbreak for Meg.

Author: Thomas Kinkade

I was very glad to see a new title in the Cape Light series, was not sure there would be another after Mr. Kinkade's untimely death.  I truly hope they continue.  This book shows how easy it is to fall in love and how easy it is to mess that up and how hard it can be to forgive someone and that the best thing is to put it all in God's hands and have faith that He will show you the way.

Author: Jodi Picoult

How would  it be if the man who killed your husband and daughter wanted to give you his heart (after the death penalty was implemented) to save your new daughter's life? And that is just the start of a book that keeps you on your toes! I was very intrigued by the fantastical elements in this book by Picoult. We begin to believe that the prisoner may have special powers especially because  a young priest (grappling with his own faith) starts to believe that the prisoner is Jesus. Great writing! This book leaves you both guessing and contemplating!