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Author: Kate Carlisle

I have not read many cozy mysteries, but when I happened upon Kate Carlisle's The Books Stops Here I was hooked.  Kate has created a funny, interesting fresh and believable character in Brooklyn Wainwright and her supporting cast.  Brooklyn is a book binder by trade and an accidental investigator when it comes to finding dead bodies.  This is a fast funny read that will entertain you and keep you guessing who the culprit is. 

Kate has caught my attetntion and I intend to read her previous 7 installments of the Bibliophile Mysteries.  Pick one up--enjoy how Brooklyn's love of books keeps her repairing them and solving mysteries surrounding them. 

Author: Fannie Flagg

This book is a reader's delight as all of Fannie Flagg's books are.

In Alabama, Sookie at age 60 swoons and is totally discombobulated when she discovers that she is adopted.  She finds that she has Polish relatives in Pulaski, Wisconsin

Her mother, Lenore, is quite excentric and quite domineering.  Sookie also has old relatives who are somewhat crazy; now Sookie feels great relief that she won't end up in a home for "nutty" people.

This story bounces back and forth in time.  Turns out that during WWII Sookie's birth mother and aunts and an uncle were all pilots in the airforce.  Her Aunt Fritzi was a famous, daring stunt flyer and wing walker.

Finally, after much anguish, Sookie travels to California to meet her Aunt Fritzi only to discover that Sookie's mother had been killed in a plane crash leaving behind her beloved baby, Sookie. 

Sookie's Polish family get together and show her the old filling station which was owned by the family and became extremely successful when it was operated by the four young sisters during WWII.

Customers came out of their way to see girls whizzing around on roller skates while taking care of business in the most extraordinary ways.

I love all of the funny and enduring characters in the book.  Definitely worth reading! 

Author: Lizz Winstead

This a comical book.  Lizz was rather naive in her adventures, professionally and personally.  Making many mistakes by taking action first then finding answers the hardway.  Her approach to life is to look outside the box.  She's hilarious in discribing dogs and men.  There are lots of laughs in this book. 

Author: Linwood Barclay

This is a book I really, really enjoyed.  It was funny, some parts laugh out loud funny.  The basis of the book is the tale of the Kilbride brothers that could not be more different.  Ray is a successful freelance cartoonist living in Vermont.  His younger brother, Thomas, a schizophrenia savant with obessive compulsive behaviors and a photographic memory had been living with his father in upstate New York.   He believes he works for the CIA and former president Bill Clinton is his contact person.  Thomas spends up to sixteen hours a day in front of his computer on memorizing street maps of America's largest cities believing his talents will be needed when a major catastrophe happens and there are no maps. Their father dies suddenly and Ray returns home to take care of Thomas and settle their father's estate.  Thomas had relied on his father to cook and clean for him and now the responsibility falls on Ray's shoulders.

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Author: Sandra Hill

what a hoot!  Rurik gets tangled up with a Scottish witch who put a blue mark on his face and he goes back to find her to get her to take it off, but it turns out she is a highly inept witch in a lot of trouble with the neighboring clan.  He decides to help her in return for her getting the blue mark off, but easier said than done.  At one point they are having a feast with all sorts of entertainments and they provoke her into trying to levitate the suckling pig on the table.  Well that isn't exactly what she manages to levitate on every man in the room.  I laughed and laughed at that scene. As romances go, it all works out in the end, but a highly entertaining story.

Book Features:

Life Up Nort'

Northern passages : feisty tales of
Author: Jerry Harju

This book is the third in the author's series about the adventures of living way up north, namely in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  As someone with relatives in the Keeweenaw Peninsula, I have visited the area many, many times and I found these stories quite accurate, and often hilarious.  In this book, Jerry takes us through his first day of school (how do you tell your mother you were kept after school in the very first day?), 4th of July celebrations, rural misadventures, Yooper traditions, and on down the line.  it's a very fun book to read and it will tickle your funny bone, and also touch you with its nostalgia.  A very enjoyable read.

Author: Janet Evanovich

Once again,  Stephanie Plum manages to get herself into the oddest predicaments, sometimes on her own and sometimes with the help of Lula.  Then there is Ranger and Morelli, decisions, decisions.

Author: Janet Evanovich

In a time when arranged marriages where the way of life, one wealthy young American, Caroline falls in love with her brother's best friend Jack. Her mother is insistant that Caroline marry a man of high prestige from England, and fixes her sights on Lord Bremerton for her daughter. Little does she know that this man is not someone her daughter should marry. Caroline tries hard to please her mother's wishes by getting to know Lord Bremerton, but instead of falling for the man her mother wants her to marry, she falls farther and farther in love with Jack. Jack, not thinking he would ever fall in love and marry, finds his heart softening toward Caroline and he soon finds himself falling in love with her. As Caroline and Jack get closer, they learn that Lord Bermerton is a cold and heartless man who may have killed his late wife, is broke, and the only reason he wants to marry Caroline is for her money. Eventually the truth comes out, Caroline's father accepts Jack as his future son-in-law, and they are able to marry.