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Author: Graeme Simsion

For an entirely different kind of romance, read this book! Don Tillman, a professor of genetics with Aspberger's syndrome, is seeking out a life partner. In order to do this, he has created an application for the ideal life partner. (The application has a life of its own because Don changes the application as he sees which questions are working and which aren't.) His best friend, Gene, sends Rosie his way. Rosie is on a mission to discover who her father is. She enlists Gene's help to gather DNA from possible candidates and to check the subsequent DNA. (This is when we have a mystery on our hands.) As they work together they bond and find out that the meaning of love is not decisive. The expectations of what one wants in a mate can be overturned! The book is written from the perspective of Don and it is very, very funny! I could see this as a comedy. Gene, who is a womanizer, in an open marriage with Claudia, has a growth experience in the book, too. When Don discovers who Rosie's father is, it is perfect! This book is well set up, well written, and sensitive. It is a fast read and I just loved it! Thanks to Sue B. for recommending it to me!

Author: Eleanor Brown

I loved the household that these three sisters grew up in where their parents were madly in love; where there dad was a Shakespeare professor so it was all Shakespeare all the time; where reading was a passion of all the household members. All three sisters return to their childhood home as they are grappling with each of their own adult issues and they rally around their mother who has cancer. Coming home is a growth time for them. The book is amazing in that it is written in the "voice" of all three of the women. This took a while to get used to--maybe because I just kept asking myself, "who is narrating?" but it was an unusual and fantastic way of relaying the story. A great read!

Author: Rainbow Rowell

This was a delightful book. I read it from cover to cover in one sitting. It is a "modern" love story as it involves the electronic communications of e.mail. The protagonist, Lincoln, works at a newspaper where he is "computer security" at night--he is monitoring the internal e.mail of the staff. He finds himself following the conversations between two good friends, Jennifer & Beth. Further, he finds himself falling in love with Beth! It sounds weird, but the characters are so well written that it actually makes sense. I really liked the fact that the protagonist was male and sensitive and we kept seeing things from his point of view. I think that in the tangles of love we don't realize how hurt and confused and fearful males can be, too! Great story with a happy ending! Congratulations to the author on a great debut!