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Author: Marnie O. Mamminga

This was uplifting to listen to. It was like a mix of "Star Lake Saloon and Housekeeping Cottages" and "A Christmas Story." It was a nostalgic love letter to the family cabin including funny and poignant anecdotes. The writing was lovely about nature and simplicity and how replenishing the spirit in the outdoors is vital.

Author: Stacy Tornio

I rated this book 5 stars.

This is such a GREAT book.  FULL of things to do outdoors.  Some of things I have done with my children when they were younger, and there were a lot of new great ideas.  What adventures you can have!

I thought it was such a fun book with so many ideas, that I shared it with my daughter and her family.  They love being outdoors doing activities.  Mama and Papa are creating new adventures and memories with their three children!

I would highly recommend this book to others.

Author: Alan Tennant

This is an awesome book about Peregrine falcons.  Falcons, eagles, and hawks all encompus the Raptor species, meaning a  carnivorous bird that hunts and kills other animal.  The author, Alan Tennant, has the ideal job. He conducts natural history field trips all over the globe.  His friend, George P. Vose, is a former World War II pilot flying his rattletrap Cessna.  These two chracters, and I do mean characters incounter armed smugglers, posturing bureaucrats, drug dealers, suspicious drug agents and some scary flying in all types of weather.  They capture a falcon and name her, "Amelia."  They attach a tiny radar transmitter to radio track the transcontinental migration of the falcon, a feat that has never been done before.  Their adventure begins in the flatlands of the Texas barrier islands where the falcon pause during their springtime journey north to the Artic and then back south, through Mexico, Belize and into the Caribbean.  There are no statistics or research facts given, but this incredible story of man and falcon.  The author is able to tell this story from the heart, someone who loves adventure and is passionate about nature.  He skillfully discribes the landscape and wildlife they pass along the way.  I give this book 5 stars.

Author: Bobby Lake-Thom

A Native American non-fiction of how to read dreams and omens, and how to understand what each animal is trying to tell you by its apperiance and actions. Interesting how people have ways of looking at nature for help and guidance.

Author: MaryJane Butters

This book was so refreshing and relaxing to read! There are helpful, handy tips on buying and restoring your own camper, learning what is and how to go "glamping", how to hitch up and drive your camper, how to stay safe glamping and some incredible recipes to use out - n - about and at home!

Anyone would get a mini-vacation out of this book! MaryJane is such a positive lady that you can't help but catch her positivity reading her books. I have thoroughly enjoyed her other books and this one is no different! Some of the recipes she has in the book sounded so wonderful I had to try them out right away, why wait for summer?! They were delicious and brought a little summer time to our winter table.

She gives you easy, organic ways to enjoy nature even if it's from your backyard or porch! There are ways to enrich your life and she gives you the tools and ideas to do so.

Being out in nature doesn't mean you have to "rough it"! MaryJane has a claw-foot bath tub in her restored Airstream! Lace, bath, easy and green options for "taking care of business" and glamouring up nature, this book gives you a vacation from your chair! You won't be disappointed!