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Author: William Kent Krueger

I enjoyed being drawn into the life of this young boy at a certain place and time as he ascertains the events and circumstances around him. We judge his family, friends and neighbors with the information he doles out to us. But we also grow in knowledge whilst he grows in knowledge. The sermon that his minister/father does after a relative's death is poignant. This sweet book values faith and family but not in a preachy way. It affirms that life is a struggle for everyone and that little acts of goodness makes it bearable, even wonderful!

Author: Adriana Trigiani

This book takes up where 'Very Valentine' left off. (Read 'Very Valentine' first). The book begins with Valentine's grandmother getting married in Italy. When Valentine returns to New York she is making new plans for her custom shoe business with the help of her friends, Gabriel and Bret, her brother Alfred, and her grandmother's colleague, June. June takes on a larger role in this book. We love her spunk and wisdom and her ability to be accepting. Valentine is grappling with her feelings about her short lived romance in Italy with Gianluca. And she unearths a family secret that takes her to Buenos Aires to meet a long lost cousin,Roberta, who is also in the shoe making business! The role of family is still integral in this book. Valentine witnesses several different marriages in her life and is deciphering what she would like for her own future. This soap opera was fun to listen to and I can't wait for the third in the series to tie it all up! (Ciao, Valentine)