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Audiobook Review
Author: Janet Evanovich

I haven't listened to or read a Janet Evanovich in awhile so thought I would listen to one for an easy summer book. This wasn't as good as I would have hoped for, it was a little kooky.

Author: Amy Tan

Violet is the indulged daughter of Lucia, a Shanghai madam. The result of her American mother's affair with a Chinese national, Violet grows up not knowing her father, living in a world of courtesans and powerful Americans and Chinese. Violet resents her mother for keeping secrets and putting her business first. When news from Lucia's past threatens to change their lives, Violet is helpless to prevent the disasters that are about to befall her. She and her mother are separated, and Violet must reinvent herself to survive. Though not Tan's best writing, this story of love, loss, and distrust between three generations of women is typical of her other sagas of the hardships endured by Chinese women.

Audiobook Review
Author: Heather Graham

The 11th installment of the Krewe Hunters series is set near Nashville, Tennessee. Olivia is a therapist at a horse farm, which functions as a therapy center using horses.  The owner and founder is discovered dead.  Did he relapse and die from an overdose or was it murder?  His ghost speaks up.  Olivia contacts her cousin at the FBI, a member of the Krewe Hunters, and he sends a new operative to help.  As the plot thickens there are mysterious accidents, a closed room murder and even a blossoming romance.  I enjoyed the Civil War history that was sprinkled throughout the book.  The reader was pretty good, the first part of the story he seemed to have the sniffles but then he recovered!

Author: Karen White

This is the 4th book in the Tradd Street series.  The story,  a mixture of mystery, romance,  humor and even ghosts, takes place in Charleston, South Carolina.  I found the historic background of the area very interesting.  You could almost picture the old mansions and the refurbishing they were attempting.

In this story the quirky Melanie Middleton is 40 years old, pregnant & single.  Melanie is single only because she turned down the proposal of Jack, the love of her life.  The on again & off again relationship of these two is quite entertaining, and the trials of Melanie being pregnant will bring a chuckle or two.  Before the birth of her baby, Melanie must solve the mystery of the remains of a baby that was found in her historic southern mansion along with the ghostly crying of a baby in her house.  Melanie is a ‘ghost whisper’; she has seen ghosts all here life & can even talk to some. 

I can recommend the full series.  They are fun to read—mystery and humor.

Author: Ann Brashares

While fishing, Ethan has an encounter with a girl who seems to appear from nowhere after a change in the atmosphere. A few years later, the same girl appears at his school, though she does not seem to know him. Prenna is the girl, and the secret she is keeping is that she has come from the future, along with a thousand other time travelers, to both escape and try to prevent a blood plague that is ravishing her world. Prenna, along with the other travelers, are controlled and monitored constantly by their leaders, who don't seem to be doing anything to prevet the coming plague. When Ethan discovers who Prenna really is, they unite to take action against the coming disaster, not knowing exactly how or if it can be done. Romance, mystery, and action combine to make this an exciting young adult book that will provoke readers to think about our world and how we influence it for the good and bad.

Author: Danielle Paige

I love different takes on fairy tales or old children's stories. This time a take on the Wizard of Oz. At some point after Dorothy returned to Oz she  became evil. All the other Oz characters are in the story, the scarecrow, lion, tin man Toto and the monkeys and various witches.  Amy was in her mobile home in Kansas when a tornado hit and carried her to Oz. She is the one the resident's of Oz chose to kill Dorothy so Oz can go back to be the great place to live.

Audiobook Review
Author: Sue Grafton

Good book, but then again I'm a Sue Grafton fan. Plenty of mystery surrounding the adventures of the lead character.

You can go home

Author: Patience Griffin

Get out your tissues!  Patrience Griffin has created a well crafted wonderful tale in an enchanting village-- Gandiegow, Scotland. Caitriona Macleod  returns to her roots after the death of her husband.  She reconnects with people and the place she once called home.  You will laugh and cry and realize that these villagers are there for one another--one large extended famly.  Join Caitriona on her emotional journey.  The first in a new trilogy -- A Kilts and Quilts Novel -- is exciting and fast paced.  I look forward to the next installments.

Author: Julia Fierro

One weekend a group of couples and their young children meet at a beach house. At home they all belong to the same playdate group. I like how the author put in a "map" of the characters and their children, because I had to turn back to see what child belong to what set of parents once in awhile.  I liked how every chapter had a different point of view. One couple brought their immigrant nanny and her views on the how wasteful these Americans are. She had no problem taking a half eaten banana out of the garbage so it wouldn't go to waste. A very well written book.

Audiobook Review
Author: Richard Castle

I watch the 'Castle' series often on television and thought it would be interesting to compare the book to the tv show. I have to say, they both have the good and not so good things, but I very much enjoyed this book. The characters on tv have done at good job depicting the characters in the book.