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Author: Diane Muldrow

This is a perfect “philosophy of life” book!

Author: John Sandford

Excellent book! Was told by a friend that I should read this series of books by John Sandford over a year ago, but had other books that I wanted/needed to read first. Really glad that I did listen to him when I was looking for a new series to read.

Usually read for 1/2hr to an hour a night before I go to bed. It's quite time and it lets my mind uncoil. Spent a good 1/2 longer than I wanted to reading because the story was so fast paced and enveloping. Could have read all night, but had to stop when I noticed it was a couple hours later.


Started on the second book in the series and will have to reserve the 3rd book so I can start reading that by the end of the weekend.

Author: Ishmael Beah

The author of a boy soldier memoir turns to fiction to tell the story of what happens after a war ravaged village tries to rebuild. First a few elders, then more past inhabitants, return to Imperi to reclaim their homes and their lives. Many are missing family members, and some are reuinited. They, along with orphaned teenagers, maimed families, and newcomers, establish tenuous relationships and begin life again. Then the mining company that had big plans for Imperi before the war returns, and the village is once again in uphevel. Bakari and Benjamin, two teachers, struggle to provide for their young families and try to remain hopeful for a better tomorrow. Beah's new novel is full of irony as his diverse characters try to make sense of he new challenges they face even after they have survived the unthinkable.

Author: John F. Kasson

This book is part Shirley Temple biography and part history lesson on the Depression years in the 1930's. "How the smile and fortitude of a child actress revived a nation." For four years in the 30's Shirley Temple was the world box office champ. Movie goers loved to forget their problems by watching a little girl's charm, singing and dancing into their hearts. The studios couldn't keep Shirley little forever no matter how many years they shaved off her age. This is the first info I ever read about Shirley Temple that was negative. Her mother was pretty demanding and after Shirley was born she really did not pay much attention to her older brothers. In later years Shirley's husband discovered how her father misappropriated Shirley's fortune she made from her movies and merchandise deals. There was the revelation that the main reason she did not make it as an adult actress was that she was a one note performer. All her characters she were basically the same person and it did not work out to continue acting like a child when you have grown up.

Author: Lisa Gardner

Another good one from Lisa Gardner. There are two main point of views in this story. One is Dr. Adeline Glen. She has a genetic condition where she never feels pain. Her father is serial killer Harry Day and her sister is the youngest person to be convicted of murder. The other point of view is Boston detective D. D. Warren. D. D. Is on medical leave but manages to stay very involved when copy cat murders start happening. I'd recommend this book to all crime novel fans.

Title: Labor Day
Author: Joyce Maynard

Thirteen year old Henry's eccentric mother, Adele, has become increasingly reclusive since divorcing his father, who lives across town with his new wife and children. When mother and son are out on a rare shopping trip, a man with cuts on his leg and head asks them for help. Though they quickly learn that he is an escaped convict, Adele does not hesitate to bring him home, where he almost instantly becomes a part of their broken family. As Henry observes the passion between his mother and Frank, the convict, he becomes jealous and conflicted. When after a few days, the couple decides to escape to Canada, Henry  agrees to go along, but a series of betrayals threatens the newly assembled family's  future. Though it requires some suspension of disbelief when Adele agrees to harbor Frank, his story and his demeanor quickly endear him to readers. His devotion to both Adele and Henry transforms them and makes them believe their lives could expand beyond their isolated home. The novel is fast paced and suspenceful, and though it appears that it could have no happy ending, the resolution is satisfying.

May 2014 Reading Challenge Prize Winners

We had our Third drawing today for the 2014 Year of Listening Dangerously Reading Challenge. Each winner will recieve a $25 gift card. The winners this month are:

AudioBook Review

Appleton Public Library
For the Book Looking for Alaska by John Green

Book Review

Denise C
(Sturgeon Bay) Door County Library
for the Book The Bear by Claire Cameron

Our next drawing will be June l 1st. Until then, happy reading and listening!


Evan Bend
Library Services Manager
Outagamie Waupaca Library System

Author: Brad Wilson

Brad Wilson has taken an extreme approach in consumer education.  His book outlines how he has gotten the greatest deals- traveling across the world for almost free, getting great deals on cars, and collecting substantial amounts of credit card "rewards."  His ideas can be extreme, requiring great attention to detail, but in the end some ideas are intriguing enough to try!  Wilson is also the founder of and has traveled the media circuit from Oprah to the Today Show to the New York Times and more.

Author: Mary Higgins Clark

I'm glad she's back with a good one. Mary Higgins Clark's last book was not one of her best. Laurie Morgan's husband was brutally murdered in front of their 3 year old son 5 years ago. A witness overheard the killer say he's going to come back to get Laurie and her son. Laurie is now a producer and is making a documentary about a socialite who was murdered in her bed after a big graduation gala for her daughter and 3 of her friends. Everyone agrees to participate so they could get the stigma that one of them murdered the socialite. Very well put together mystery even thought the ending was not really surprising.

Author: Brandi Glanville

Brandi is my favorite "housewife" even before I read her book. After 8 years of marriage, her husband left her for country singer, Leanne Rimes. Brandi writes about her heartbreak, the love of her children and how she got on "Favorite Housewives of Beverly Hills" Brandi writes very honest about how she feels about the woman who broke up her marriage, but still wants things to work out between her ex husband and the country singer. Her main focus is her two sons who she does not want to live through another breakup. Very enjoyable book for Housewives fans. I think fans of the show would become a fan of Brandi's after reading her book even if they do not like her on the show. I'm looking forward to reading her second book.