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Author: Wally Lamb

Wally Lamb's latest family saga shifts from present to past and from one character's point of view to another. The story centers around Annie Oh, a successful artist about to marry her female partner who manages her career. The secret's from Annie's childhood and her adult life threaten to overtake her on the eve of her wedding. Her ex-husband and children struggle to adjust to Annie's new life and feel a sense of abandonment, while she herself is ambivalent about her impending marriage and relationship with her family. In the periphery of this story is that of another artist who once lived in the family home. His work inspired Annie as she carved time out from motherhood and marriage to make her art. The artist died mysteriously on the Oh's property a generation earlier, and rumors of murder followed. Thes two stories intertwine throughout the novel, and characters from the past make appearances. Whether Annie's secrets will be revealed and if the mystery artist will be avenged are just some of the questions readers will want to have answered.

Author: Barry Livingston

Barry was a successful child actor. He was a neighbor kid on Ozzie and Harriet before he got the role of Ernie on My Three Sons to replace the departing oldest son, Mike. In the book he writes behind the scenes antidotes and working with major stars like Fred McMurray, Lucille Ball and Brad Pitt. In the beginning his horn rimmed glasses and "nerdy" looks almost derailed his career and later became is biggest asset. A real enjoyable read for fans of 60's and 70's situation comedy. My Three Sons lasted 12 seasons.

Audiobook Review
Author: Vanessa Diffenbaugh

This was a book club book read and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. It was much different than what the title indicates. It should be a good discussion.

Author: Rebecca Musser M. Bridget Cook

Rebecca grew up in the FLDS. She lived in fear concealing her family's polygamous lifestyle from the outside world. When she was a young teenager she became the 19th wife of her people's profit, 85 year old Rulon Jeffs. She watched as forty eight other wives were added. After she was widowed, the new profit Warren Jeffs threatened her with remarriage so she escaped to start a new life. By 2007, Rebecca was sick of hearing about all the abuse against young girls and women, so she agreed to be a witness, sending leaders to prison for years and Warren Jeffs to prison for life.

Author: Robert Remington Sherri Zickefoose

On April 26, 2006 the bodies of Marc and Debra along with their 8 year old son, Jacob were found with multiple stab wounds. Where was their 12 year old daughter, JR? Investigators found out that JR had a disturbing alter ego online and called herself, Runaway Devil. The 12 year old had a 23 year old boyfriend and together they enjoyed a fondness for the dark side and the Goth culture. Shocking evidence in the girl's school locker led police to discover that she manipulated her boyfriend into killing her family and was the one who killed her own little brother. The final chapters told readers of the trial and how the jury did not believe the girl's story. 12 year old JR was the youngest person ever convicted of murder in Canada.


Audiobook Review
Title: Dust
Author: Patricia Cornwell

Another suspenseful Patricia Cornwell book. I've really come to enjoy the consistency of characters, as well as the narrator of her books. Gripping storyline as usual.

Title: Stripped
Author: Brian Freeman

In his second thriller, Brian Freeman continues the story of Detective Stride and new girlfriend Serena Dial.  Stride, now transplanted from Duluth to Vegas. and Serena are assigned their own murder investigations, only to find the two are interwoven deeply with the past and loyalties that run deeper than blood.  They are quickly losing time as the serial killer continues his rampage.  This quick-moving thriller weaves an intricate story, opening the possibilities that few are honest and clean in Vegas...a real page turner that keeps the reader involved and coming back for more.

Author: Jane Green

 The title of the book gives away the story line, Vicky, the editor of a fashion magazine in London constantly talks about wanting to be married with children, that is all she has ever wanted in life, and would give anything to have that.  Amber, a housewife in America, married into 'old' money with a gorgeous house in the Manhattan suburbs, a  full-time nanny and two children (think 'Stepford Wives') thinks that there has got to be something more to life.  For an article in the magazine, Vicky puts out an ad asking married women to respond and swap lives for a month, they will wear each others clothes, live in each others homes, associate with each others friends, etc . . .

As you might expect, both women find that the grass is not greener on the other side of the fence, Vicky realizes that being a successful, single woman in London, is not that bad afterall.  Amber spends the entire month missing her husband and children, but realizes that she also misses working and that she is fed up with the  'keeping up with the jones' way of life in Conneticut, resulting in her and her husband making big chances in their lives. 

I have always enjoyed this author, and I enjoyed this book.  It is what I call 'fluff' reading, which I don't do a lot of, but every once in a while, it is nice to read a book that doesn't require a lot of thinking, and that you can truly just relax and enjoy. 

Author: Noah Bly

I rated this book 1 star.

Time to bury this book. It was so awful that I am surprised I made it half way through.

I realize the absurdity of the book is beyond anything believable, but before the author embarks on another writing venture that predates his birth, he needs to check some facts. I could have gone along with the premise that this is a far-fetched story, and the craziness that kept happening ~ and at times it was laughable, but I was so distracted by the prochronisms that I had to quit.

The prochronisms (a chronological error in which an event, person, etc., is assigned a date earlier than the actual one) played a part in the concept of the story. Maybe that was the point of the author?

In the first few pages, Chips Ahoy! were in the bag of "junk food" in the car. The story takes place in Maine, 1962. Chips Ahoy! were not on the market until 1963. The term "junk food" was coined in 1972. Air conditioning in cars? Very, very rare. Child safety locks on car doors? The police dropping the f*** word repeatedly? I highly doubt it. A mid-life crisis? That term did not come into being until the 1970s. I'm not so sure eating disorders were even thought of or known about either, nor panic attacks, or OCD.

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Author: Wendy Webb

I am so glad I discovered author, Wendy Webb. This is the second book I read by her and both are so good. And now I find out there is a third book out now. A letter arrives at Hallie James's house and it changes her life. The letter was written by her mother, the mother she thought died when she was 5. She finds out her mother died just a few weeks before. Hallie goes to the island that she lived the first 5 years and discovered why her father faked their deaths 30 years ago and other dark family secrets that includes a whole slew of ghosts.