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Author: Cara Putman

Another great book in this series of quilt mystery books!

Book Features:
Author: Susan Page Davis

Another great book in this series of mystery quilt books!

Book Features:
Author: Garth Stein

I got this book from a friend of mine and she said it was gripping. Well, I couldn't agree more. It was a hard one to put down. It had a lot of funny moments and then some exceptionally sad ones as well. Good read.

Author: Wendell Berry

This was a Door County Reads 2014 book. It was one of those books that I didn't think I really liked, but was not able to stop reading. I'm so glad I finished it...good choice Door County!

Author: Heidi McLaughlin

This book is a quick read.  Typical love story of High School Football Player falls in love with Football Cheerleader.  Football player decides to drop out of college and chase a new dream of "music".  He leaves behind his high school heart throb and disappoints his parents.  When he has to come back to his small town 10 years later for a friend's funeral . . . . he realizes he still loves her . . . . now what she he do??

Title: Keep Quiet
Author: Lisa Scottoline

I loved this book it kept me reading and really made you think what would you do??

The book is about a dad's split second decission to protect his son and the devastating consequences from that decission.  The harsh reality of trying to live with a secret!  Very good book!

Title: Bossypants
Author: Tina Fey

Although I'm not a regular viewer of Saturday Night Live and I've never seen a full episode of Thirty Rock, I enjoyed this Tina Fey autobiography immensely. There are many laugh out loud passages, and Fey gives some entertaining insights into the world of comedy and show business. She also humorously conveys the challenges of being a working mother and being a woman in a man's business. Fey's chapter about her success playing Sarah Palin is especially funny. Now that I know her background, I'm anxious to actually view her work.

Author: Kate Carlisle

I have not read many cozy mysteries, but when I happened upon Kate Carlisle's The Books Stops Here I was hooked.  Kate has created a funny, interesting fresh and believable character in Brooklyn Wainwright and her supporting cast.  Brooklyn is a book binder by trade and an accidental investigator when it comes to finding dead bodies.  This is a fast funny read that will entertain you and keep you guessing who the culprit is. 

Kate has caught my attetntion and I intend to read her previous 7 installments of the Bibliophile Mysteries.  Pick one up--enjoy how Brooklyn's love of books keeps her repairing them and solving mysteries surrounding them. 

Audiobook Review
Title: The Target
Author: David Baldacci

Not my favorite David Baldacci book. Seemed really long and a lot more graphic than his normal good plots. A decent read nonetheless.

Author: Brad Wilson

The majority of this book focuses on using credit card rewards points to travel cheaply. The savings comes from racking up thousands of frequent flyer miles points and rewards points for booking flights and hotels at extremely reduced costs. The author is convincing and gives many personal examples of expensive vacations he's taken at a fraction of the full cost. However, one must be ready to juggle multiple (we're talking dozens) of credit cards and keep track of rewards point to reap the  benefits. Wilson also gives savings tips for online shopping and personal finance that are useful and practical. His website, Brad's Deals, which he refers to frequently in the book, is a great place to find additional savings. For example, after reading a tip from his book, I went on his website, searched, and with a special coupon code, was able to get a $10 gift certificate to a local restaurant for $2.40. If you don't have the time or the fortitude to follow Wilson's extreme travel savings plans, quicker and simpler ideas like this make the book worth reading.