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Author: Harriet Muncaster

This Halloween story about a young girl and her mother trying to find her the perfect costume is a treasure. That is because the author created 3-D scenes for the story using foil, fabric, glitter, paper and other things, then lit the scenes in a truly magical fashion before photographing them to use as illustrations for the book. The story is simple, but the delightful world created by the clever art is on another level for sure. Any child will have fun wondering how this world was created and will notice the small details throughout the book. Very clever and also a nice portrayal of mom and daughter enjoying each other's company.

Author: Eric Litwin

Eric Litwin, of Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes fame, is back again with a new series sure to get people of all ages up off of their feet. This man has a way with words and "The Nuts Sing and Dance in Your Polka Dot Pants" makes this perfectly clear. The first two sentences of this book, "Hazel loved to sing and dance/Hazel loved her polka-dot pants", set the stage for the fun that is to follow. This book is a great way to incorporate so many of the ways to engage preschoolers in the reading life...words, music, dance, play - it's all here. For an idea of how the music goes and to see the dance performed by the author himself click here

Have fun!

Mutual Aid

Author: Willow Dawson

The Wolf-Birds is a lesson in the hard facts of life in the natural world told in a way so gauzy and beautiful it makes the harsh realites seem just and perfect. The Wolf-Birds are Ravens and in this story they team up with with a pack of wolves to find their next meal. Along the way animals live and animals die - Dawson's spare but exquisite illustrations (yes they really are exquisite) illustrate the events in a way that makes them bearable. This is a picture book for older preschoolers perhaps and yet, why not teach our children what goes on in the natural world right from the beginning?

Author: Danielle Denega

This was a great book because it is a story with Clifford the Big Red Dog as a puppy. Children love the character of Clifford. A friend of Clifford's told him to watch out for the monster of the fields of Mountainview Farms.  So, when Emily Elizabeth and her family go to Mountainview Farms, naturally, Clifford is very scared.  But he soon realizes there is nothing to be afraid of because the "monster" of Mountainview Farms is really just a silly scarecrow!  This was a fun book to read because you can get very into character and make it (kind of) scary, until the end when the monster is revealed.  Fun for all ages. 

Author: Ann Vittur Kennedy

I was so delighted by this funny picture book that I brought it home and had my husband and high school and college age kids read it. The illustrations add the right amount of comical touch to the story. I had a smile on my face throughout the whole story and laughed out loud at certain pages (the one about grass especially). This book would be great for any dog or farm theme unit, or just as a fun story to share with your children. Check out this charmer! 

Fun Book

Author: Greg Pizzoli

This was a very fun book for story time.  I had a very reluctant participant who came to my story time.  But, by the time I had shown the cover of the book and mentioned that I didn't realize crocodiles liked watermelons, I had him looking, laughing, and reacting to the story.  It was fun to mimic the crocodile throughout the story, and my new little friend just loved the book! 

Author: Maya Ajmera

This is an older book but it is lovely and the message still rings true. The welcoming words of the book are from Fred Rogers. The book is about ways to act neighborly and how those actions transcend the places where we are to actually be global actions. People all over our planet assist their neighbors and celebrate with their neighbors. They educate their neighbors and work alongside their neighbors. All of humanity is building an existence and aspiring for a better life. This book is both humbling and uplifting!

Author: Wong Herbert Yee

Pinky Pig wants to earn money to buy a clarinet so she cannot afford to lose her job at Hamburger Heaven! She thinks of a new and improved menu for the restaurant so that they can drum up increased business. This is a lovely little tale about perseverance and giving the customer what they want!

This is a great book for HOME OF THE HAMBURGER, Seymour, Wisconsin!