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Author: Kathryn Galbraith

Even bunnies are prone to squabbles and hop, hop, hop off their own directions.  But...some things, like sweet green clover and red ripe berries, are just better with friends!  In a simple, easy to understand text for very young readers, this book is a great example of not getting along with friends and then reconciling again.

Author: Amy Timberlake

Set in Wisconsin in 1871, this book brings us into the small towns of Placid and Dog Hollow during the hey day of the passenger pigeon (now extinct).  Georgie is the only one who doesn't believe that the pieces of body brought home for burial in the blue-green ball gown is her older sister, Agatha.  She needs to find out what really happened and she discovers more than she bargained for.  This book will have you on the edge of your seat until almost the very last page!  It was a Newbery Honor Book, too.

Losing a Parent

Author: Rebecca Cobb

This story begins "Some time ago we said good-bye to Mommy.  I am not sure where she has gone."  The story continues through a child's eyes of losing his mommy.  It's a simple and honest approach to discussing an emotionally difficult subject.  Although sad in nature, the book also explores the positive- still being part of a family and that he will always be special to his mommy.  A very touching book.

Author: Steve Jenkins

This comprehensive compendium of the animal kingdom is not to be missed!  Jenkins' stunning work covers roughly 300 of the world's most remarkable animals.  Facts are presented in an accessible and informative way.  In Jenkins' own words he explains the book covers "the exotic and the everyday- and describes some of the amazing things they can do."  The book is a must- have for any fan of the natural world.

Author: Charlotte Forten

Capstone Press' series First-Person Histories are excellent resources for learning about key points in our American history through the eyes of those that lived it, presented in diary format.  The six titles in the series cover topics such as pioneer farms, covered wagons, Civil War, and more.  The short books are filled with colorful illustrations and easy to process tidbits of information.  The books include a glossary, discussion questions using the Common Core, related internet sites and bibliography for further reading.  Attractive format that makes learn history even more fun.

Author: David LaRochelle

Great read aloud.  There is nothing meaner than green beans with pointy boots and tall cowboy hats.  This story needs someone to save the day, who will it be?


Author: Mo Willems

Mo Willems does it again. Pigeon is back in another adventure, this time about taking a bath. I imagined reading this book to a group of preschoolers and thinking of all the fun we could have. The questions Pigeon asks will certainly be answered by enthusiastic listeners as they share their own stories about bathtime. The expressions on Pigeon's face are classic Willems. Pigeon is dirty throughout most of this book too which gives him a whole new look.

Author: Greg Pizzoli

Have you ever swallowed a seed and worried what might happen inside your stomach? Well so does Crocodile in this hilarious picture book. Crocodile loves his watermelon and he tries so hard not to eat any seeds but one day his appetite for melon overcomes his watchful eye. What happens next is hilarious. This would be a great read-aloud for familes and caregivers who work with children. This book won the 2014 Theodor Geisel Award.