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Welcome to Books to Hoot About! the children's book review blog from InfoSoup librarians and users!

Author: Amy Schwartz

Anyone who has raised or is raising two girls should really enjoy this book.  It is so realistic to the way sisters are with each other.  I love the way the younger sister decides not to take it anymore and makes a plan to run away but instead imagines herself into a new solution to her problem.  I think it will help children with the emotions they don't quite know what to do with about their siblings.  

Author: David Stein

I can imagine this book as very popular being read aloud to a group of children.  Everyone needs to help make the sounds of Ol' Mama Squirrel, the most protective mama you will ever meet.  She can chase away just about anyone, but has a surprise planned to scare off the big bear that threatens her babies.  There's only one thing more frightening than a fierce protective mother..... a whole group of fierce protective mothers.  Delightful reading!

Author: Emily Jenkins

There are so many ways to enjoy this book.  It is a book about the time of day and what happens when.  It is a book about a community of families with small children and pets. It is a book about the water in the park that connects everyone!  I really, really, really want to live in a neighborhood with a park like this!

Author: Guido van Genechten

This book, and it's companion book, Odd OneOut: Big and Small, are a must read for any lapsit exploring between a parent and a toddler.  They are so fun.  Children will really have to look closely at each full page spread to find the odd one out and the one who is going to the dance.  These books would make great birthday presents!

Author: Bruce Goldstone

This book really makes a sometimes difficult concept very understandable for children.  With colorful photographs and interactive examples, readers are introduced to the concept of possibility and impossibility, certainty and improbability.  What are the odds that you will find fun in this book?  I'd say it is a certainty.

Author: Mineko Mamada

This terrific book urges the reader to look at everyday things and familiar animals in a different way on just about every page.  There isn't a lot of text and what text there is is repetitive, asking the reader, "What do you think?" This book is genuinely thought provoking and fun!

Author: Christie Matheson

This simple book is stunning in its presentation of the life cycle of an apple tree.  Readers are involved with moving the tree through its different stages and seasons-  tap the tree to create more leaves, warm the tree by rubbing it to create blooms, shake the tree to drop the apples along with many other magical actions.  Not to be missed!

Amazing Wonder

Author: R. J. Palacio

For Wonder fans, Mr. Browne's precepts continue on in this quick but powerful read.  The precepts- or principles to live by- were compiled by Mr. Browne; one for each day of the year.  They demonstrate kindness, hopefulness and the goodness of human beings and were derived from the original characters in Wonder, popular songs, children's stories, over 1200 submissions from readers among many other famous people.