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School Time

Author: Karen Katz

For families sending a little one off to preschool for the first time this fall this book will be a helpful introduction. Rosie is attending preschool for the first time and she does a good job of explaining everything that will happen there. She also has some good "Rosie Tips" that appear in circles on the pages.


Author: Jerry Pinkney

Pinkney likes taking Aesop's Fables and turning them into beautifully  illustrated picture books with minimal words. Children and those reading to them will love interpreting the story and coming up with lesson contained within just by studying Pinkney's watercolor drawings. Another clever children's picture book that has something for all ages.

Author: Katherine Hengel

Gardent to Table is a great book for parents who their kids to learn where the food on their table comes from. In this case, the food will come from the kids. This book takes young people through the process of growing, harvesting and preparing vegetables for breakfasts, lunches and dinners. The recipes are easy but will appeal to all ages. Some supervision would be required for very young children.

Author: Dan Yaccarino

You will fall in love with Billy and his adventurous goat! This book exudes the excitement and enticements of the fair. It also ends in an unexpected way that teaches a valuable lesson.

Author: Keith Graves

This oversized chicken is misunderstood even by his siblings. Each time they label him incorrectly it is hilarious. Finally, a rescue mission clears everything up. This book is so much fun to read!

Author: Jimmy Fallon

Delightful! Kids will love this book where fathers are teaching their babies to say "dada" but the babies are speaking in their own animal languages.

Jimmy Fallon has been one celebrity who can conquer the picture book format. Enjoy!

Title: Wednesday
Author: Anne Bertier

Cooperation is a feature of super heroes! In this book, Little Round and Big Square play a game where they each try to turn into something else. The game morphs into something far more interesting when the two of them agree to join forces to make things! This is a very fun picture book. It is clever and relatable.

Interesting concept

Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix

Luke is growing up in a community where it is against the law for parents to have more than two children. He is the third child so he is forced to live in the attic of his parent’s house. He is to keep hidden at all times and not be discovered. He has known this from when he was a very small child. It wasn’t too bad at home when there was a dense woods by his house. He could play out there and no one would know he was there. When the government decided to take over those woods to build more houses, Luke’s freedom ended. He was told to stay inside the house and to stay away from windows. His parents wanted to leave the curtains open during the day so that they wouldn’t draw any suspicion from anyone. This made it very hard for Luke to do much of anything. He had to stay upstairs. He even had to eat his meals on the bottom step. He quickly realized he would never go to school. He would never be able to do the things his brothers did and often complained about. He started to wonder if there were any other kids out there like him.

This book was very good and the start to a really good series. It is a good series for reluctant readers.  There is intrigue, suspense and mystery throughout.  Great for elementary students.  These books are not too long and chapters are short.  The story is interesting enough to keep them reading.