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Welcome to Books to Hoot About! the children's book review blog from InfoSoup librarians and users!

Title: Horseplay
Author: Karma Wilson

Poor farmer! Try as he might, he cannot get the horses to stop their horseplay! Fun book.


Author: Chris Haughton

Ready one, ready two, ready three, what will these 4 ninja-like friends catch in the dark forest?  Will they be surprised at what they find? Great book for storytime.

Author: Todd Parr

This  is a great book for Thanksgiving or any day. There are a few allusions to Thanksgiving but this book is really about being thankful every day! (Mentioning the library made me happy!)

Title: Ferry Tail
Author: Katharine Kenah

Ride along with Walter the ferry dog and see what happens when he misses the ferry! ( A cat named Cupcake plays an unexpected role!) Learn about ferries and islands and how they all work together.

Author: Bonnie Christensen

This book shows the planting life cycle in a way that lets the reader know the harvest celebrations at this time of year are the fruits of labor.

Author: Chris Gall

Dog and Cat do not like living in the same house but they find some fun ways to cope (including deciding whose space is whose). Sometimes they fight. Sometimes they get along. When new baby moves in, though, dog and cat find that their friendship is important.

Author: Sophie Blackall

A little boy finds out that there is going to be a new baby at his house. He starts to ask around about where babies come from. He asks his babysitter, his teacher, his grandpa and the mailman. They all have a different part of the answer. At last, he finds out from his parents.

Title: Stella!
Author: Marie-Louise Gay

Stella and her younger brother Sam explore their gorgeous world together. There are five stories in this treasury and they make you happy just reading them. The water color paintings that illustrate this book are whimsical, inviting, muted and pretty. I love the art and I love the girl and I love the sentiment!