Reviews by Elizabeth: (Seymour) Muehl Public Library

Title: Wednesday
Author: Anne Bertier

Cooperation is a feature of super heroes! In this book, Little Round and Big Square play a game where they each try to turn into something else. The game morphs into something far more interesting when the two of them agree to join forces to make things! This is a very fun picture book. It is clever and relatable.

Author: Celestino Piatti

This pair of wise owls attempt to teach the (foul) fowls that being happy is being appreciative of nature and the seasons.

Even the youngest among us understand the message of this book.

Author: Sean Taylor

This great book has owl donning disguises to catch prey. The words are rhythmic (and sound like bragging) so the reader can use their voice in an exaggerated tone. Delightful!


Author: Michelle Robinson

The absurdness of  bathing a wooly mammoth makes this a very funny book! The child attempts steps one to ten, very fun!

Author: Lauren Stringer

This book was such a great find! It celebrates the little joys of winter and incorporates a few fun comparisons to summer.

Author: Bob Raczka

This book has beautiful pictures of the activities of winter, inside and outside. Toward the end is a cute reference to the groundhog and the joy felt with the news that there is still six more weeks of winter!

Author: Eileen Browne

I have been using the big book version of this book at story times all week. It is a lovely story set in Kenya. Handa is making a fruit basket to share with her friend. (These mid-winter months are the perfect time to cherish fruit!). Handa is able to balance the basket of 7 fruits on her head as she walks to a nearby village to visit her friend. Along the way, enterprising animals snatch fruit off her basket until there are none. No fear, a happy surprise happens to fill up the basket with fruit that is altogether different than the original choices. This book is wonderful for developing vocabulary and chronology.

Author: Lita Judge

This delightful book lets the pictures tell the story. The reader laughs as more and more animals find their way on to the little girl's red sled.

Author: Judi K. Beach

This pretty book describes some of the many ways we can view snow. It captures all the loveliness and variety of the season.

Title: Horseplay
Author: Karma Wilson

Poor farmer! Try as he might, he cannot get the horses to stop their horseplay! Fun book.