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Reviews by : (Seymour) Muehl Public Library

Author: Jennifer Nielsen

The sixth book in this series takes us to a serious break in history with an unexpected complication.  Sera, Dak, and Riq know that something is wrong when they are faced with an enemy that shows a high level of aggressive need to be in control of the world.  The series is forever changed by the actions of the villian that is presented in this book.


Author: Mary Vander Sanden

A vibrant book about how the library is not "all quiet all the time", especially at story time. The refrain is, ""When she's happy and content, her voice gets louder by 100%!" As a librarian who can relate (!) I adored the message in this book. Congrats to the author who works at the library in Kaukauna!

Title: Bully
Author: Laura Vaccaro Seeger

In  a soft and simple way, this book shows that a bully has to be confronted to change their behavior (and sometimes even be aware of it). It also shows that a bully has most likely been bullied. So simple yet perfectly told.

Author: Patricia MacLachlan

This gorgeous celebration of snowflakes is brought to you by the winning combination of Patricia MacLachlan and Steven Kellogg. What is extra special is that Random House made a donation to the Sandy Hook School Support Fund with each of these books sold. In the book, there is a quick mention of the local library (which of course this librarian loved!).

Author: Matthew Kirby

Dak, Sera and Riq are teenagers trying to fix mistakes in time.  With each passage through time, they set right what once was put wrong.  This is fixing the future, but how will it affect them.  Riq knows that his lineage has be altered as a result of correcting one time break.  Sera has witnessed the actual distruction of their future by accident if they fail to complete there mission, while discovering that her parents are no longer dead in the future she could return to if they can prevent its destruction.  So much responsibility and chaos for three young teenagers to face.  Yet they face their greatest challenge yet.  Going up agains the Monguls, they must protect Aristotle's work for the future Historians to identify breaks that still must be corrected.

Author: Orianne Lallemand

In this comical readaloud, wolf tries on different colors until he realizes that he is good the way he is.

Author: Mo Willems

Adorable! This book is about "pretend" and says that yes, even grownups pretend! If Elephant learns to pretend from Piggie (aka Frog)then what will he pretend to be? :)

Author: Eric Kimmel

This great book shows the obstacles that Marc Chagall overcame to become an artist. This is a kid's book about Marc figuring out that he was gifted. This quote, from Marc, was inspiring: "We all need art to show us what is truly important in the world. We need art to show us the small, secret things that we never take time to see. We need art to show us how to live, how to be alive in the world."