Reviews by : (Seymour) Muehl Public Library

Author: Cynthia Lord

In this fun book, hamster shows his adventurous spirit at the fair! When he gets the chance to do something extra special, he earns a load of fair tickets that he shares with everyone in line at the food stand! Sweet.

Author: Mineko Mamada

This is a book for all ages (!) that teaches there can be more than one correct answer to a question depending on perspective. This is a great lesson that we are learning even in our adult lives.

Author: Jarrett Krosoczka

This new book by Jarrett tells the story of Peanut Butter (a seahorse) and Jellyfish ( a jellyfish!) and how they teach Crab what friendship looks like and feels like.

What a treat! I saw Jarrett present about this book at the library conference in Green Bay in the fall of last year!

Author: Teresa Bateman

This is a book about how our luck is created by US. In this story, the leprechauns are being selfish and they have taken all the luck out of the world. Enter Fiona, who uses her brain to think of a clever way to outwit the leprechauns and bring the luck back. Leprechauns must keep their promises. The challenge is to make the leprechauns promise what you need!

I read and listened and watched this book on TUMBLEBOOKS, available through Infosoup. It was wonderful!

Author: Catherine Jinks

Birdie is an orphan in London (circa 18070s) who is working for Alfred the Bogler. Together they are successful at capturing bogles/monsters and they live a comfortable life together. The only thing is they never know when their next case will pop up so their income isn't steady.  The talent that Birdie has to offer is that she is a very good singer. Her melodic voice (done well on the audio which I listened to) hypnotizes the monster(s) into submission. Some other people in England find out about their partnership and the work that they do. Some of those people are good and some are evil. Suddenly, Birdie has been kidnapped. By whom? For what purpose? What happens next? You will have to read the book! I loved Birdie's strength in this book.

Author: Ying Chang Compestine

I used this book in celebration of Chinese New Year. It is a great tale about a beat up wok that takes things from the mean rich family--food, toys, and money--and brings them to the poor family who is appreciative and willing to share. The wok also makes handy work of the mean family at the end. The pictures are vivid and carry the energy of the story.

Illustrator: Sebastia Serra

Author: Peter Brown

This book was a delight and so hopeful. I found out more by watching the DVD produced by Weston Woods. I like that the main character, Liam, starts a garden that spreads and spreads and spreads all over the city.

It seems like the opposite of a book that I loved by Australian author Jeannie Baker (published 1991) called "Window". However, that book was a cautionary tale about the city taking over nature. I'm really happy with this new concept of "greening" in this book and DVD.

Author: Michael Ian Black

This book is about all the different words for our "bumper". It is silly and fun with a humorous ending!

Author: Jennifer Berne

This book conveys how the imagination and creativity of Einstein must have FELT! It is a great jumping off point for learning more about Einstein!

Author: Kathryn Heling

Kids can guess what job will be done by the uniform hanging on the clothesline. This book is clever and inclusive.