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Reviews by : (Seymour) Muehl Public Library

Author: Chris Grabenstein

This magical book is so much fun and the action keeps moving forward. We all know being at a library lock-in is the best thing ever. How about a lock-in in a brand new library for the weekend? How about a quest to solve clues and challenges in a game invented by a game maker? The book follows the gamers as they find and solve their clues and explain their decisions. There are a few unsavory characters (think Willy Wonka) but overall everyone is pretty cool and the ending of the book is great!

Author: Tim Harrington

This book is a new twist on the fingerplay, "This Little Piggy". The toes decide to break out on some wonderful adventures.  It is pretty funny what they get themselves up to!

Author: Jan Pinborough

Did you know there was a time when children were not welcome in public libraries? This is so hard for us to fathom because nowadays children are some of our best patrons! Anyway, there was really a time like that and this book teaches us about Miss Moore who was a pioneer in New York libraries and changed people's views on this. This lovely book gives us a great history lesson!


Author: Alison Murray

The three characters in this book are a puppy, a pie(!), and a little girl. The book is a clever exploration of the alphabet with each page reeling out a letter to tell the story of the three characters. *There is satisfaction in the chase.* I loved the expressive pictures.


Author: Drew Daywalt

Adorable book about all of the crayons in the crayon box expressing their needs to their owner, Duncan, and how he cleverly devises a way to make them all happy. Also, the result is creative! Thanks, Sue A., for telling me about this book!

Author: Karel Hayes

This wordless picture book tells two stories. One is about the bears who live in the cabin during the winter and one is about the family who lives in the cabin in the summer. Will their pathes cross? This is a funny and imaginative book.

Author: Graham Salisbury

What is it like to live in Hawaii? What is it like to go school in Hawaii? This fun book (first in a series) tells us about Calvin. Summer is just ending and school is back in session. Calvin has a new teacher and a new classmate named Willy. Stella is a new girl living at his house, too. Calvin gets into trouble as he learns responsibility. I can't wait to read more!

Author: Pseudonymous Bosch

It was fun to go back to this book after reading the second series so that I could fill in a few gaps. I would recommend that you read them in order, if you can! This book was really great. We see how Cass and Max Ernest's friendship developed and also what things both of them are afraid of. We also get a glimpse at their families and how they fit into them. Again, the author had a fabulous sense of humor in the book. I can see why this series is a hit!