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Author: K.A. Holt

Twelve year-old Timothy has been placed under house arrest for stealing a credit card and making almost $1500 in charges on it. The items bought aren't what you would expect a kid in poverty, without quite enough food and shoes that don't fit, to buy. Timothy has purchased medication for his infant brother who needs constant care. As part of his rehabilitation, Timothy writes a journal (in verse) that is this book detailing the struggles of a boy, his single mother, and a part-time nurse in caring for a medically needy child. How much help is enough and how much is too much?

Author: Janan Cain

The Way I Feel is a rhyming book that provides children with the names of their feelings, from disappointed to thankful. The companion book, The Way I Act, similarly provides language about common actions including persistent and respectful. Having the words to describe their feelings and actions provides children with the power to better understand and discuss their inner and outer selves. These books are also tools for parents and caregivers to begin conversations about emotions.

Author: Nina Laden

A smiling, just starting to walk, 11 month old came to visit me at the library today. Here are my recommendations for her:

Peek-a-who? is a vibrantly colored, fun board book with a simple rhyme with a cut-out to help guess what is coming on the next page. Youngsters love repetition, so this book may be read over and over.

Mama, Do You Love Me? is another board book, this one following an Inuit daughter and mother through their day. The daughter questions the depth of her mother's love and is always met with the reassurance of unconditional love.

The picture book Little Quack features bright colored images of a duck and her ducklings. Readers can count along as mama duck encourages each of the ducklings to move into the water and share in Little Quack's success.

Baby Loves is a book containing objects that are familiar and loveable for young children. You and the toddler that you are reading with can continue the list with your own favorites!


Title: Press Here
Author: Hervé Tullet

Even before you open this book, author Hervé Tullet is providing directions for you to "press here" on the big yellow button. Each page provides either the result of your action or another instruction to follow. Simple illustrations bring activity, anticipation, and imagination to your reading experience and...FUN! This is a great book to share with your favorite toddler.

Author: Thanhha Lai

Ten-year-old Hà lives in Saigon with her mother and brothers and prays for the well being of her father, whom she has never known. She looks forward to the riping of a papaya on her papaya tree in the yard. Life is not easy, but it can be understood. The Vietnam War causes Hà and her family to flee Saigon and immigrate to Alabama. A new culture and language face Hà and her family. Will she be able to adapt? Will bullies keep her from blooming in her new home? Read this novel written in verse to share in Hà's experiences, both familiar and foreign.

A difficult day

Author: Rebecca Patterson

We've all had bad days where eveything goes wrong from the moment we get up until we fall alseep. Toddlers and those who spend time with them will recognize the outbursts that occur on bad days in this book. If it is a good day while reading this book, the humor will be appreciated. If it's a bad day, at least there is comfort in knowing we are not the only one having a bad day. This book is a worthy winner of the 2012 Roald Dahl Funny Prize.

It's turkey time!

Author: Jim Arnosky

If you're interested in turkeys facts, want a good rhyming story to read, or would like to listen to the author sing the accompanying song -- check out this book! Nature enthusiasts, hunters, and turkey eaters all will enjoy this good read.

Author: Linda Hayward

"Brer Fox is always thinking of ways to catch Brer Rabbit. Brer Rabbit is always thinking of ways not to get caught!" Will fox or rabbit come out on top in this story about a sticky trap? Beginning readers can read this book alone or with a friend.

Making friends

Title: Scary Mary
Author: Paula Bowles

Scary Mary is a hen in the barnyard. When the other animals ask her to play, she chases them away. Scary Mary puts up gates. Scary Mary practices making scary faces. Scary Mary keeps all of the sunflower seeds. She rules the barnyard. Ruling the barnyard isn't much fun when Scary Mary is all by herself. What can she do?

Author: Toni de Gerez

Louhi, the Witch of North Farm, partakes in the activities of daily life in Finland. She makes blueberry soup. She looks at the boats. She knits. However, she isn't in the mood for everyday activities. She wants to do something Witch-Witch-Witchety. Louhi goes out looking for trouble...and finds it!