2010 Reviews by Library: Manawa

Author: Bret Bertholf

Country music fans will enjoy this hilarious look at the history of country music. How many times do we really think about the origins of country music and how it came to be the popular monster (as the author calls it)it is today. Country music started in the country of course, in the homes and barns of rural America in the South and East. As it spread across the country it picked up the 2nd part of its name - Western - and a long the way a lot of stars were born and money was made. The author has created an easy to read, full of fun facts book that everyone will enjoy. This is not another dull history book! One of the most hilarious things in the book is a two page spread about nicknames. The author created a chart and with the chart you can come up with a new nickname for yourself. I just hope your new last name doesn't end up being Toejam.

Author: Menno Metselaar

This is the latest book on Anne Frank, whose Diary of her experiences in hiding during the Holocaust has become one of the most well known books of that whole time. This book is a treasure trove of photographs of Anne and her family before the Nazi takeover of Germany and the occupation of Holland that forced her family into hiding. Pictures can say a thousand words and this is so true in this instance. Anne was so young, so innocent looking, so full of hope before war interrupted and ultimately ended her life. There are several pages of photographs of just the Diary. It looks like any other Diary that a young girl might have - and yet, it's publication changed the world. There is also updated information about the attempt to find the person or persons who reported Anne and her family to the Nazi authorities while they were in hiding. There are also many photographs of the "secret annex" - the hiding place in Amsterdam that the family lived in for two years. A very powerful book.

Trout trout trout
Author: April Pulley Sayre

What a hilarious book. This wildly illustrated picture book takes you on a tour of many different kinds of freshwater fish. Of course there are the usual suspects - trout, bass, perch, but how about Stonecat, Frecklebelly Madtom, Bigmouth Buffalo, and Mosquitofish? A book perfect for a Story Hour during Make a Splash summer. We used it this week and then went "diving" in the water (a blue tunnel)to find these fish. It was fun.