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2011 Reviews by Library: Scandinavia

Author: Michael O. Tunnell

Humans need food and shelter to survive. They also need hope. After World War II, the United States, United Kingdom, and other Allied powers provided support to rebuild Germany. Airlifts of food staples were provided to the citizens of Berlin. One airlift pilot, Gail Halvorsen, saw the power of providing candy to children. Read about his unique approach to supporting the children of Berlin in this photo filled book! 

Northern sky

Author: Amy Lundebrek

A boy is woken in on a winter night by his mother to gather outside with neighbors to enjoy the northern lights. Community and personal closeness (mother and son) are celebrated in this book about the night sky.

Author: Wendy Macdonald

An everyday act for Massimo, dropping lunch from a bridge to his uncle in a boat, captures Galileo's attention in this picture book. Do the heavy cheese and lighter bread fall at the same rate? What can observation tell us about the physical world?

Fun and fancy art

Author: Jane O'Connor

Fancy Nancy's best friend Bree is gone on vacation and Nancy is glum. Nancy's mother introduces fun in the form of glitter makers, which leads to an art and vocabulary filled week. Images of art by Degas, Matisse, Monet, and Pollock inspire Nancy and her friend Lionel, who paint and design together day by day. Education is packed in this fun and fancy book for young listeners and readers.

Author: Satomi Ichikawa

Author-illustrator Satomi Ichikawa has captured the essence of sheep perfectly in Benjy the greedy sheep. The illustration of Benjy gobbling up the cucumber sandwiches is perfect. Nora's assumptions about Benjy's size and weight are tested and contain a kind message for the reader. 

Author: W. Nikola-Lisa

Follow a Middle Ages community through a year, month-by-month, as they complete the chores necessary for survival. Some activities may be familiar, such as cutting firewood in the winter, while others may seem distant, such as basket making. The illustrations are bold and vibrant. (Gardeners will admire the weed free gardens.) Enjoyable for readers of all ages, this book provides an opportunity to reflect on the activities of the year both current and historical.

Author: Steve Jenkins

Do you know why you should never smile at a monkey? Do you know why you should never clutch a cane toad? Read this book and find out about dangerous animals from around the world from puffer fish to black bear cubs. Jenkins provides an excellent introduction to a host of animals with his amazing paper art illustrations. Additional information at the end of the book answers further questions about the habitat and behavior of the featured animals.

Author: Joseph Lekuton

Joseph recounts his childhood as a nomadic Maasai boy who tends the family cows and is interested in education. His education and character allow him to become an individual who can bridge two cultural roles, the Kenyan tribal member and teacher in the United States. Readers will enjoy his detailed descriptions of life in the African Savanna.