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2011 Reviews by Library: Scandinavia

Author: Béatrice Rodriguez

Wordless stories have a unique feel and highlight the importance of illustrations in picture books. As a child some of my favorite wordless books were by Mercer Mayer, such as "Frog on His Own." A newly released wordless book is "The Chicken Thief" which features a capture, chase, and miscommunication. Fun for non-readers and readers alike!

Author: Susan Blackaby

Brownie Groundhog and February Fox are waiting for spring after the Groundhog's Day prediction. Waiting is HARD, especially if you are a hungry fox with a tasty looking groundhog RIGHT NEXT TO YOU! Find out who "out foxes" whom in this picture book about patience.

Creating from Clay

Author: Laban Carrick Hill

This biography of the slave only known as Dave, features the creativity of a man who likely had few freedoms in his life. Words and images bring to life the feeling of creating pottery, some of it huge in size. Additional information about Dave the Potter and a bibliography at the end of the book provide a jumping-off point for enthusiastic readers.

Author: Ann Whitehead Nagda

Learn about cheetahs being raised in a zoo, and math if you choose. This book about cheetahs Majani and Kubali tells their story about being raised from cubs to adults with dog companions. Division problems are featured so that they may be read along with the story, or left for another day. The math problems range from easy to difficult with a variety of ways to solve them. Graphics such as rows of bottles accompany the text. Along with the story and math are great photos of Majani, Kubali, and their trainers.

Author: Mark Cassino

If you want to add to your winter experience, read this book about snow! Photographs and simple illustrations show how snow is formed, the shapes snow takes, and how to inspect snow on your own.

Who is the artist?

Title: Art & Max
Author: David Wiesner

Arthur is an experienced artist. Max is not. Fun ensues as Max paints Art.

Odd Ways to Add?

Author: David LaRochelle

One page poses a mathematical equation "1 + 1 = 3?" and the following page reveals the full story "1 unicorn + 1 goat = 3 horns!" Bright and colorful illustrations leave clues for the reader to guess the correct equation in this challenging and fun book.

Author: Steve Jenkins

Many of us know of the helpful relationship between the sea anemone and clown fish. Did you know, however, that each clown fish can only use one sea anemone? It's complicated, but readily explained by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page in this beautiful book. Additional information at the end of the book includes "More about Symbiosis"; a listing of all of the animals described in the book including size, habitat, and diet; and a bibliography.