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2012 Reviews by Library: Shawano

Author: Laban Carrick Hill

In this book YOU decide what happends to YOU. You have 3 pen pals and one of them wants to come over for a visit, but is that such a good idea? Don't forget you control your fate just read and follow the numbers on the bottom of the page. So what are you waiting for grab the book today and CHOOSE YOUROWN NIGHTMARE. In this one book you can have many choices and read it many times, you can get eight storys out of one book. Billy one of your pen pals from Florida is funny and likes the same stuff you do. You cant wait for him to come untill your brother has a letter that says DONT LET BILLY COME TO YOUR HOUSE... EVER!! But you don't care you feel like you really know him... don't you? Make the right decision before it's to late. So now its your time to choose from 8 different endings and CHOOSE YOUR OWN NIGHTMARE! In one of the nightmares you think that there's something fishey about Billy but you think its ok and let him come. Then one night your reading a book and the doorbell rings and you answer it but some thing grabs your arm and starts to chew, at first you think its the guy from your book but its BILLY. Then all of a sudden your parents come in your room, you show them the bites but there not there, even though it was just a dream you decide not to let Billy come. That time your safe but not always. I rate this book 4/5 stars.

Author: Sienna Mercer

My Sister the Vampire #1: Switched is a fantasy fiction book about two 7th grade girls who meet and are closer than what they think. The story takes place in a town called Franklin Grove. The two main characters are Olivia Abbott, who is new to Franklin Grove, and Ivy Vega, who has lived there her whole life. Ivy gets a strange feeling come over her when she meets Olivia for the first time. Franklin Grove is a town filled with unknown secrets to the outside world. Olivia and Ivy unlock the mystery of who and what they really are and what they mean to each other.

This is one of my favorite books that I have ever read! The book talks about middle school and things that happen with friends, family, and school drama. Even though this book is fantasy, it also has familiar things that could happen to girls my age. The author makes the book fun and exciting and makes you want to keep reading. The author also gives examples of how different people are but how they can still be friends. I recommend this book to girls who like drama, friends, and fun. I give it 5 stars.

Author: Kate DiCamillo

Opal named her dog Winn Dixie after a store . Did you know they live in a mobile home? They live in a mobile home because they just moved to Florida. The preacher told Opal ten things about her mother because she was little when her mother left. They have a church that used to be a store .When they are at church they bring their fold up chairs to sit on. Opal met a friend named Gloria Dump. They had a party at Gloria’s. Opal invited her dad the preacher and she invited Miss Franny Block the librarian. When she met Miss Franny Block she thought Winn Dixie was a bear.

I liked the book because it has a dog in it. Opal is the main character. She got the dog at a funny place. I liked when the preacher told ten things about Opal’s mother. If you like realistic fiction, I think you would like this book. If you like dog books, you should read this book. It gives a lot of details about the friends Opal and her dog.

Author: Mary Downing Hahn

The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall is set in london around the 1800's. It is about a girl named Florence who is moving to the English country side to live in her great-uncle's manor house. As soon as she gets there she wishes she could go back to London because she is hated by her great-aunt. She also has the feeling that she's always being watched by someone who isn't there. Untilher cousin sophia shows up,even though she died the year before.
Sophia knows how bad Florence feels about not having anyone to play with so she trys to be her friend. Florence is happy at first, but then she realizes that Sophia wants to make Florence recreate the scene of her death and make someone else die instead. This book is for people who love scary stories like me. out of 10, i give this book a 9.5!!!!

Author: Jeff Kinney

If you are looking for a funny story that makes you laugh out loud, then Diary of a Wimpy Kid Cabin Fever is for you! The characters are brothers Greg and Roderick Heffley and Greg's best friend, Rowley. The main character, Greg, is a middle schooler trying his best to stay out of trouble. Unfortunately, Greg gets into trouble at school. His parents have no idea, until the family is stuck inside their home for a week because of the huge snow storm. Greg ALWAYS seems to get into trouble, accidently. I recommend you read the entire Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. The author does a great job telling funny stories about middle schoolers that most of us can relate to. I recommend this book for people that have a sense of humor and a good imagination.

Read White Star!

Author: Marty Crisp

White Star a Dog on the Titanic is a realistic fiction book that takes place on the voyage of the ship, Titanic. The main characters are Sam and Star. Sam is a teenage boy traveling to New York to see his mom. Star is a Champion Irish Setter used by his master for advertising. Star and Sam end up together fighting for their lives. Read this book to find out why.

This book is by Marty Crisp who makes his characters very interesting. This story is not predictable and makes you want to keep reading page after page. When Sam and Star first meet you would never guess how their relationship turns out. Anyone who has ever loved a dog will be able to relate to this book. I recommend this book to people who love animals and books with lots of action. White Star a Dog on the Titanic gets five stars from me.

Author: Dav Pilkey

The story begins with two troublemakers/pranksters. George Beard and Harold Hutchins play a series of jokes that cause their school to lose a football game. Their Principal, Mr. Krupp, gets so angry at them he makes them follow a list of rules. If they don’t follow them, Mr. Krupp will give the football team a copy of a video. This video reveals George and Harold pulling the pranks on the team. Then they find a way of how to make Mr. Krupp hand over the video and forget the game. But it goes wrong and they turn Mr. Krupp into Captain Underpants and he fights many villains. The fate of the world lies in George and Harold’s hands. Will they succeed or fail…

If you read the first book you should read the rest of the series. I don’t recommend this book to any 6th graders. Because its easy and dumb. I also would recommend the book to younger children that enjoy dumb, funny books. I give this book three stars.

The Hit-Away Kid

Author: Matt Christopher

This book, The Hit-Away Kid, is a good book to read if you enjoy baseball. I could relate to Barry as I also like playing baseball and winning. The author kept me wanting to read to find out if Barry wins the dare. The author did a good job of showing what it is like to be a young kid playing under pressure. Although this book is fiction, the story happens in real life. In my opinion, this book is a must read if you enjoy baseball.