2013 Reviews by Library: Waupaca

Author: Chris Colfer

When twins, Alex and Conner, discover the magical powers of a fairy tale book their Grandmother leaves them, they are transported into the kingdoms of a not-so-happy fairy tale land.  In order to get home they must collect various items to complete the Wishing Spell.  This is a great middle school  book, especially for those who are familiar with the classic fairy tale characters.....but always be looking for the "twist in the tale!"

Great Graphic Novel

Author: Jorge Aguirre

This plot has some delicious twists and turns and I laughed aloud quite a bit. The ending is one I bet you won't predict. Claudette is a problem solver not a whiner.  I liked that. I also liked how her friend and brother were given a chance to shine also. This book is all about courage.  It could also be a good anti-bully book. This is one graphic novel that I can recommend very highly indeed.

So much longing....

Author: Marion Bauer

If you've every wanted a dog and couldn't have one, this book is for you.  Told in verse makes it a quick read.  Told from many points of view, this story is all about longing for something. "And what is longing made of except hope?"  Don't worry, no dogs die!

Author: David Van Buren

I really enjoyed reading this book to Bella, my grand daughter 

Big Bear and Little Bear love each other SO much that their love stretches high up into the mountains, far away to the stars. Children will treasure this reminder of how much they are loved. To the sky and beyond. This is how much I wanted Bella to know how much I Love her

Author: Lisa McCourt

Everytime the Grandchildren sleep over....this book is a MUST read to them. All 4 know it so well that they ask the question before I can read it to them. This has been a treasured heirloom book to all of us

When I put the grandbabies to bed..The words I Love You are Always said.  But the imaginative child has a few questions. "What if I were an alligator with sharp teeth that could bite your head off? What if I were a smelly skunk and my name was Stinky Face?" The answers from this author who is a devoted mother will have children and grown-ups laughing. A parent's unconditional love was never so creatively tested or so beautifully reassured. 

A mother and child discuss how the mother's love would remain constant even if her child were a stinky skunk, scary ape, or bug-eating green alien.

The colored illistrations are just wonderful..Seems like they were taken out of a childrens head. I have to say, I think this is one of the sweetest bboks I have ever read My grandchildren LOVE it.

Author: Kate DiCamillo

This book is like no other you will ever read! Funny, exciting, heartwarming all in one..... plus a pat on the back for comic book readers everywhere!  Flora loves comic books.  Her mom writes romance novels.  One day the neighbor vacuums up a squirrel in the back yard and turns the squirrel into a SUPER HERO!  Like every Super Hero, Ulysses has an arch nemisis..... Flora's mom.  You won't regret reading this book....guaranteed!

Author: Claudia Mills

Seventh-grader, Sierra, has always been an good student.  Her life gets messy the day she accidentally brings her mother's lunchbag to school with a paring knife in it.  The school has a "zero tolerance" policy about drugs and weapons.  Will Sierra get expelled for her mistake even if she did the right thing by turning herself into the school office?  This book keeps you interested until the very last page.....don't read the end first!!!

Author: Judith Viorst

What would you do for money?  Meet Lulu....the loudest, rudest girl you might ever meet.  She's got a plan...we don't know what it is...but she needs money.  Add to the story a know-it-all, perfect boy named Fleischman and you have for a very funny story.  This would be a great read-aloud, especially if the reader is very animated!  This is a quick read.  I hope to promote it during Money Smart Week in April.

Author: Chris Grabenstein

This book is for gamers!  Imagine being locked in a new library that was designed by a very famous gamemaker.  Winner who can decipher clues and find their way out gets rich and famous!  Mr. Lemoncellos has been the benefactor in Kyle's town and has built them a new library.  They have not had one in 12 years, so twelve 12-year-olds are selected to play the ultimate game of being locked in the library.  This was a quick, fun read.  I'd like to devise a similar game for a lock-in at a local library.