2014 Reviews by Library: Weyauwega

Another Fun Story

Author: Christian Trimmer

This book is very cute and fun to read.  It is about a dog named Simon who just received a new bed and he just couldn't wait to take his first, glorious nap in his new bed.  So, he grabs his bone and heads to his new bed, but WHAT?  The cat, Miss Adora Belle, is laying ON HIS NEW BED!  So, he thinks of every way possible to get her off his bed.  But, she won't budge.  Finally, he notices that she has moved over to give him some room.  So, they end up on the bed together to both take a glorious nap.  Very cute subtle story about sharing.  The kids loved it.  In fact, one of them checked it out that day and now it is her favorite book, according to her mother. 

Great Story Time Book

Author: Eve Bunting

This book has wonderful illustrations that are very colorful and eye-catching.  But, what I really loved about reading this book for story time is that there are only a few words per page and usually they are words that repeat, such as "Hurry! Hurry",  "Ready? Ready?", "Quick! Quick!", etc.  It is the perfect opportunity to have the children "echo" you.  Also, using these words helps to build up the excitement, which again you can engage the children by saying, What are they going to do?  Why are they all hurrying? What do you think will happen next? etc.  I read this book yesterday for story time and it was a blast!  The kids were very into it and really wanted to know WHY WERE THEY HURRYING?  Of course at the end, we find out it is a baby chicken that has just hatched out of its egg.  Very sweet.  I loved it as much as the kids did. Highly recommend!

Author: Danielle Denega

This was a great book because it is a story with Clifford the Big Red Dog as a puppy. Children love the character of Clifford. A friend of Clifford's told him to watch out for the monster of the fields of Mountainview Farms.  So, when Emily Elizabeth and her family go to Mountainview Farms, naturally, Clifford is very scared.  But he soon realizes there is nothing to be afraid of because the "monster" of Mountainview Farms is really just a silly scarecrow!  This was a fun book to read because you can get very into character and make it (kind of) scary, until the end when the monster is revealed.  Fun for all ages. 

Fun Book

Author: Greg Pizzoli

This was a very fun book for story time.  I had a very reluctant participant who came to my story time.  But, by the time I had shown the cover of the book and mentioned that I didn't realize crocodiles liked watermelons, I had him looking, laughing, and reacting to the story.  It was fun to mimic the crocodile throughout the story, and my new little friend just loved the book! 

Interesting concept

Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix

Luke is growing up in a community where it is against the law for parents to have more than two children. He is the third child so he is forced to live in the attic of his parent’s house. He is to keep hidden at all times and not be discovered. He has known this from when he was a very small child. It wasn’t too bad at home when there was a dense woods by his house. He could play out there and no one would know he was there. When the government decided to take over those woods to build more houses, Luke’s freedom ended. He was told to stay inside the house and to stay away from windows. His parents wanted to leave the curtains open during the day so that they wouldn’t draw any suspicion from anyone. This made it very hard for Luke to do much of anything. He had to stay upstairs. He even had to eat his meals on the bottom step. He quickly realized he would never go to school. He would never be able to do the things his brothers did and often complained about. He started to wonder if there were any other kids out there like him.

This book was very good and the start to a really good series. It is a good series for reluctant readers.  There is intrigue, suspense and mystery throughout.  Great for elementary students.  These books are not too long and chapters are short.  The story is interesting enough to keep them reading.

Great book

Author: Mike Lupica

The Million Dollar Throw is about a boy named Nate Brodie . He is the star quarterback for his team even though he is only thirteen years old. Football is his life. He loves the game. His favorite NFL team is the New England Patriots. His favorite player is Tom Brady, quarterback for the Patriots. He has admired Tom and looked up to him for as long as he can remember. His friends and teammates even call him “Brady” instead of Brodie.

One of Nate’s goals has been to save up enough money to purchase “The Brady Ball”. This ball has Tom Brady’s signature on it and was at a store in his town called SportStuff. Nate finally had enough money saved up to buy the ball. When he buys it, the employee at the store tells him about a contest called “The Million Dollar Throw”. “The winner of the contest was going to get the chance to make one throw --- from thirty yards away through a twenty-inch hole --- at halftime of the Patriots Thanksgiving night game against the Colts.” Nate is drawn as the contest winner.

All of a sudden he feels a lot of stress. The pressure is almost too much. He knows how much this money could help out his family. He knows his parents are struggling to pay bills and that their house is in jeopardy of being taken over by the bank. Also, all of a sudden there are cameras and reporters everywhere. While he practices they are there. At his games, they are there. He also is preoccupied with his friend Abby’s problem of going blind. Add all of those pressures up and it is easy to see why his game performance has been suffering. He is missing easy passes and over analyzing his performance. His coach even takes him out of a big game because of his lack of focus.  His confidence takes a serious nose dive.

Can he pull himself together?  Does he make that important throw?  You will have to read the book to find out!  Excellent pacing and great story telling keep you on the edge of your seat.  You are cheering for Nate all the way through this book.  Great for reluctant readers, especially boys. This story is great for older elementary kids.