Author: Eric Litwin

Eric Litwin, of Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes fame, is back again with a new series sure to get people of all ages up off of their feet. This man has a way with words and "The Nuts Sing and Dance in Your Polka Dot Pants" makes this perfectly clear. The first two sentences of this book, "Hazel loved to sing and dance/Hazel loved her polka-dot pants", set the stage for the fun that is to follow. This book is a great way to incorporate so many of the ways to engage preschoolers in the reading life...words, music, dance, play - it's all here. For an idea of how the music goes and to see the dance performed by the author himself click here

Have fun!

Author: Jen Bryant

This book is 2015 Caldicott Honor Book and it's not hard to see why. This is the story of Peter Roget, the man who gave us Roget's Thesaurus. This book has helped generations find just the right word when necessary and the story of Roget's life from a little boy through adulthood is a sweet one. The illustrations include watercolor, collage and lists all arranged cleverly on the pages. How does someone come to write a Thesaurus? By being fascinated with lists as a child. Roget chose the greek word for "treasure house" for a title for his book and it fits. This book will delight any young artits or wordsmiths and grown ups will learn a few things too. Especially Latin.

Title: Ferry Tail
Author: Katharine Kenah

Ride along with Walter the ferry dog and see what happens when he misses the ferry! ( A cat named Cupcake plays an unexpected role!) Learn about ferries and islands and how they all work together.

Author: Bonnie Christensen

This book shows the planting life cycle in a way that lets the reader know the harvest celebrations at this time of year are the fruits of labor.

Author: Bruce Goldstone

This book really makes a sometimes difficult concept very understandable for children.  With colorful photographs and interactive examples, readers are introduced to the concept of possibility and impossibility, certainty and improbability.  What are the odds that you will find fun in this book?  I'd say it is a certainty.

Author: Susan Roth

This picture book for older readers tells the story of the Puerto Rico Parrots and the fight to save them from going extinct. The illustrations in this book are incredible - artfully arranged collages that spread vertically over two page spreads with the text well placed for reading the story. People of all ages will be drawn in by the art and the story of how scientists saved the parrots from extinction will grab the attention of elementary aged youth.


Author: Amy Krouse Rosenthal

This book truly hits the mark!  Exclamation Mark really is not sure about himself in life- he knows he's different from the others, it's just a matter of finding his own uniqueness.  This book is a great example about standing out and trying to fit in, but ultimately finding that being yourself is best.  A timeless tale for all children.

Losing a Parent

Author: Rebecca Cobb

This story begins "Some time ago we said good-bye to Mommy.  I am not sure where she has gone."  The story continues through a child's eyes of losing his mommy.  It's a simple and honest approach to discussing an emotionally difficult subject.  Although sad in nature, the book also explores the positive- still being part of a family and that he will always be special to his mommy.  A very touching book.

Author: Steve Jenkins

This comprehensive compendium of the animal kingdom is not to be missed!  Jenkins' stunning work covers roughly 300 of the world's most remarkable animals.  Facts are presented in an accessible and informative way.  In Jenkins' own words he explains the book covers "the exotic and the everyday- and describes some of the amazing things they can do."  The book is a must- have for any fan of the natural world.

Author: Jenny Offill

A young girl with a very inquisitive nature tries many different experiments. She decides that ketchup and snow are the only food groups a kids needs, dogs like glitter and yodeling in the car makes time go faster. The consequences of some of the experiments don't hurt anyone but then there are others. Follow along and see what happens. Maybe you will decide to try some experiments of your own. Be sure you are ready to suffer the consequences.