Read Alouds

Another Fun Story

Author: Christian Trimmer

This book is very cute and fun to read.  It is about a dog named Simon who just received a new bed and he just couldn't wait to take his first, glorious nap in his new bed.  So, he grabs his bone and heads to his new bed, but WHAT?  The cat, Miss Adora Belle, is laying ON HIS NEW BED!  So, he thinks of every way possible to get her off his bed.  But, she won't budge.  Finally, he notices that she has moved over to give him some room.  So, they end up on the bed together to both take a glorious nap.  Very cute subtle story about sharing.  The kids loved it.  In fact, one of them checked it out that day and now it is her favorite book, according to her mother. 

Great Story Time Book

Author: Eve Bunting

This book has wonderful illustrations that are very colorful and eye-catching.  But, what I really loved about reading this book for story time is that there are only a few words per page and usually they are words that repeat, such as "Hurry! Hurry",  "Ready? Ready?", "Quick! Quick!", etc.  It is the perfect opportunity to have the children "echo" you.  Also, using these words helps to build up the excitement, which again you can engage the children by saying, What are they going to do?  Why are they all hurrying? What do you think will happen next? etc.  I read this book yesterday for story time and it was a blast!  The kids were very into it and really wanted to know WHY WERE THEY HURRYING?  Of course at the end, we find out it is a baby chicken that has just hatched out of its egg.  Very sweet.  I loved it as much as the kids did. Highly recommend!

Author: Danielle Denega

This was a great book because it is a story with Clifford the Big Red Dog as a puppy. Children love the character of Clifford. A friend of Clifford's told him to watch out for the monster of the fields of Mountainview Farms.  So, when Emily Elizabeth and her family go to Mountainview Farms, naturally, Clifford is very scared.  But he soon realizes there is nothing to be afraid of because the "monster" of Mountainview Farms is really just a silly scarecrow!  This was a fun book to read because you can get very into character and make it (kind of) scary, until the end when the monster is revealed.  Fun for all ages. 

Fun Book

Author: Greg Pizzoli

This was a very fun book for story time.  I had a very reluctant participant who came to my story time.  But, by the time I had shown the cover of the book and mentioned that I didn't realize crocodiles liked watermelons, I had him looking, laughing, and reacting to the story.  It was fun to mimic the crocodile throughout the story, and my new little friend just loved the book! 

Author: Keith Graves

This oversized chicken is misunderstood even by his siblings. Each time they label him incorrectly it is hilarious. Finally, a rescue mission clears everything up. This book is so much fun to read!

Author: Sean Taylor

This great book has owl donning disguises to catch prey. The words are rhythmic (and sound like bragging) so the reader can use their voice in an exaggerated tone. Delightful!

Author: Lita Judge

This delightful book lets the pictures tell the story. The reader laughs as more and more animals find their way on to the little girl's red sled.

Author: Caroline Stutson

This story is a great read aloud for Halloween! It is mildly scary but, oh, so silly and the girl who is the main character is very brave indeed. After all, she is making music in the dark!

The fun refrain for a large group is: "By the light, by the light, of the Halloween moon." I like to draw moon out like moooon.

Illustrated by Kevin Hawkes.

Author: David LaRochelle

Great read aloud.  There is nothing meaner than green beans with pointy boots and tall cowboy hats.  This story needs someone to save the day, who will it be?

Title: Extra Yarn
Author: Mac Barnett

This Caldecott Honor book is right on the mark!  Striking and simple illustrations tell just as much as the words in this book.  Annabelle is a generous and self-assured young girl who finds a way to improve her community through a magical box of yarn.