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Welcome to Books to Hoot About! the children's book review blog from InfoSoup librarians and users!

Read Alouds

Author: Keith Graves

This oversized chicken is misunderstood even by his siblings. Each time they label him incorrectly it is hilarious. Finally, a rescue mission clears everything up. This book is so much fun to read!

Author: Sean Taylor

This great book has owl donning disguises to catch prey. The words are rhythmic (and sound like bragging) so the reader can use their voice in an exaggerated tone. Delightful!

Author: Lita Judge

This delightful book lets the pictures tell the story. The reader laughs as more and more animals find their way on to the little girl's red sled.

Author: Caroline Stutson

This story is a great read aloud for Halloween! It is mildly scary but, oh, so silly and the girl who is the main character is very brave indeed. After all, she is making music in the dark!

The fun refrain for a large group is: "By the light, by the light, of the Halloween moon." I like to draw moon out like moooon.

Illustrated by Kevin Hawkes.

Author: David LaRochelle

Great read aloud.  There is nothing meaner than green beans with pointy boots and tall cowboy hats.  This story needs someone to save the day, who will it be?

Title: Extra Yarn
Author: Mac Barnett

This Caldecott Honor book is right on the mark!  Striking and simple illustrations tell just as much as the words in this book.  Annabelle is a generous and self-assured young girl who finds a way to improve her community through a magical box of yarn.

Author: Benjamin Chaud

This oversized picture book is a kind of "look and find" with a story. Bear and Cub are set to hibernate for the winter when Cub hears a honeybee and cannot resist chasing it down. When Bear realizes Cub is gone he is off to find him and the journey takes him through a forest to a far-away metropolis. Eventually Bear finds Cub but not before traversing busy streets, the underbelly of the opera house and the opera stage itself. The illustrations to this story are what make this book stand out. Readers and listeners of a certain age will want to spend lots of time looking for Cub and the honeybee he is chasing as well as tune in to all the action going on in the streets, basements, stores and apartments of the metropolis. This is a book cleverly done.

Trickster Tale

Author: Gita Wolf

This book is a treasure trove of art, text, paper, type - no detail is left undone. While the author did a good job of adapting text from the oral Rajasthani trickster tale, it is Sunita's art that makes this book sing sing sing. Sunita is young artist from the Meena tribe and the art is also an adaptation of the traditional finger style painting that is called Mandna. Gobble You Up! is the story of Jackal and his penchant for gobbling up everything in his path. The book is handmade with thick brown paper on which the beautifully rendered drawings are printed. This book would be a very good read aloud for all elementary grades and the artistic elements would appeal to high school students too. A truly fantastic book.

Author: Michael Ian Black

This book is about all the different words for our "bumper". It is silly and fun with a humorous ending!

Author: Jennifer Berne

This book conveys how the imagination and creativity of Einstein must have FELT! It is a great jumping off point for learning more about Einstein!