Great Story Time Book

Author: Eve Bunting

This book has wonderful illustrations that are very colorful and eye-catching.  But, what I really loved about reading this book for story time is that there are only a few words per page and usually they are words that repeat, such as "Hurry! Hurry",  "Ready? Ready?", "Quick! Quick!", etc.  It is the perfect opportunity to have the children "echo" you.  Also, using these words helps to build up the excitement, which again you can engage the children by saying, What are they going to do?  Why are they all hurrying? What do you think will happen next? etc.  I read this book yesterday for story time and it was a blast!  The kids were very into it and really wanted to know WHY WERE THEY HURRYING?  Of course at the end, we find out it is a baby chicken that has just hatched out of its egg.  Very sweet.  I loved it as much as the kids did. Highly recommend!