Title: The Turnip
Author: Jan Brett

This is another clever picture book from Jan Brett. As usual, there are two stories going on at the same time and her use of panels to foreshadow things to come is here as well. Animals of the forest are trying very hard to get a turnip, a very big turnip, out of the ground as winter is setting in. A little quick thinking and lots of luck results in an unlikely hero to save the day. How the dilemma is really solved will be obvious for young children and they will be so proud of themselves for figuring it out.

Author: Jimmy Fallon

Delightful! Kids will love this book where fathers are teaching their babies to say "dada" but the babies are speaking in their own animal languages.

Jimmy Fallon has been one celebrity who can conquer the picture book format. Enjoy!

Author: Eileen Browne

I have been using the big book version of this book at story times all week. It is a lovely story set in Kenya. Handa is making a fruit basket to share with her friend. (These mid-winter months are the perfect time to cherish fruit!). Handa is able to balance the basket of 7 fruits on her head as she walks to a nearby village to visit her friend. Along the way, enterprising animals snatch fruit off her basket until there are none. No fear, a happy surprise happens to fill up the basket with fruit that is altogether different than the original choices. This book is wonderful for developing vocabulary and chronology.

Author: Steve Jenkins

The Steve Jenkins and Robin Page duo are at it again with this great story and illustrations about a variety of baby animals' first days.  From kiwis kicking out of their eggs to sea otters dozing on their mothers' belly to sea lion moms and pups calling back and forth to recognize each other's voices, this book is a winner!  As usual, the book ends with a glossary of the animals presented in the book with additional information for those children seeking more details.  Beautifully done.

Author: Kate DiCamillo

This book is like no other you will ever read! Funny, exciting, heartwarming all in one..... plus a pat on the back for comic book readers everywhere!  Flora loves comic books.  Her mom writes romance novels.  One day the neighbor vacuums up a squirrel in the back yard and turns the squirrel into a SUPER HERO!  Like every Super Hero, Ulysses has an arch nemisis..... Flora's mom.  You won't regret reading this book....guaranteed!

Author: Carmen Agra Deedy

Skilley is a cat with a secret. This secret leads him to the Ye Old Cheshire Cheese Inn, home of London's best cheese and ten-thousand mice. There he makes an unexpected friend, becomes involved in a rescue plot and protects those he loves from an evil foe. Along the way he learns what true friendship is, what it means to be courageous, and most of all what it means to be true to ones self. This is a beautifully written tale featuring characters that are hard not to love. There is danger and suspense as well as love and friendship. The language is slightly reminiscent of Charles Dickens (who, by the way, makes appearances throughout the story) and the illustrations complement the story perfectly. This would be a great book for older middle schoolers (and up) and would work very well for a read-aloud to younger grades as well. Happy reading!

It's turkey time!

Author: Jim Arnosky

If you're interested in turkeys facts, want a good rhyming story to read, or would like to listen to the author sing the accompanying song -- check out this book! Nature enthusiasts, hunters, and turkey eaters all will enjoy this good read.

Author: J. Patrick Lewis

Perfect for Halloween and just about anytime you need a good laugh.  This collection of tombstone poems will delight those who love a good play on words.  Here's a sample:

No Longer Horsing Around (Horse):  First he was just a little hoarse, then the fever took its course.

Great fun to read aloud to the whole family!

Author: Richard/Florence Atwater

The setting is in Stillwater. Mr Popper is an old house painter and decorator. No one really knows him, until he gets his penguins. He went from an. Average person that made little money to a very popular man that made thousands of dollars. The penguins area big hit!!! they travel all over in a limo doing really funny tricks. I will not tell you what silly things happen you will have to read this GREAT book to fond out for yourself!!!