Fun and fancy art

Author: Jane O'Connor

Fancy Nancy's best friend Bree is gone on vacation and Nancy is glum. Nancy's mother introduces fun in the form of glitter makers, which leads to an art and vocabulary filled week. Images of art by Degas, Matisse, Monet, and Pollock inspire Nancy and her friend Lionel, who paint and design together day by day. Education is packed in this fun and fancy book for young listeners and readers.

Title: Wanda Gag
Author: Deborah Kogan Ray

What is it like to become a professional artist? Read about Wanda Gag, who illustrated the first modern picture book. Poverty was a challenge to Wanda, however she was able to become a successful author and artist.

Who is the artist?

Title: Art & Max
Author: David Wiesner

Arthur is an experienced artist. Max is not. Fun ensues as Max paints Art.

Creating from Clay

Author: Laban Carrick Hill

This biography of the slave only known as Dave, features the creativity of a man who likely had few freedoms in his life. Words and images bring to life the feeling of creating pottery, some of it huge in size. Additional information about Dave the Potter and a bibliography at the end of the book provide a jumping-off point for enthusiastic readers.

An Artist's America

Author: Michael Albert

When the world is crying out to recycle, Michael Albert does just that. His collages of recycled materials (candy wrappers, cereal boxes, etc.) have become works of art. Just looking at this book makes me want to create a collage of my own. I'm hoping to get families to work together to create collages this summer at our library.

Author: Sandi Henry

What a great book for so many reasons!  60+ projects to create from basic supplies are presented by theme, challenge level and materials needed to complete the activities. Each project is labeled as to level of challenge, from projects requiring few tools or special skills (Level 1) to those introducing new techniques and requiring several steps to complete (Level 3). I particularly like the projects titled Sandpaper Relief Print (Level 2, Bean-and-Seed Pendant (Level 2), and Leaping Lizard (Level 3).

A unique feature of the book offers several projects that include brief references to famous artists that used similar techniques for their masterpieces.  (A cool idea would be to display kids’ projects next to a copy of the master’s!) Advice and ideas on getting organized before starting a project are offered.  The book promotes the use of recyclable materials (great for SLP & Earth Day) and ideas on how to display art ‘creations’ are also included.

If you like this book, you may want to check out Cut-Paper Play! also by Sandi Henry.


Title: Art
Author: Patrick McDonnell

A rhyming tribute to a budding young artist. This book is just plain cool. It shows that art is more than lines and colors.