Out of the Woods

Author: Rebecca Bond

Out of the Wood is a true story of an unforgetable event in the life of boy in Gowganda, Ontario.  This remarkable thing happened in a lumber camp in 1914 when a fire threatened his life. It is a truly amazing story.

Tumbleweed Skies

Author: Valerie Sherrard

Ellie spends a long summer visiting her grandmother while her unemployed father seeks better paying employment. What makes the visit harder is Ellie's grandmother does not want her to be there. The grandmother is bitter, in part because she blames Lizzie and her dad for the death of Lizzie's mother. However her Uncle Roger is more welcoming and Ellie learns to do the hard work that is expected of her on the farm and she makes a strange friend of a magpie she names Sammie.

Author: Laurel Croza

The author's note says this book was inspired by the author's childhood of moving nine times, following her father who was working on projects across Canada.  The illustrations are a little different, but the voice of the main character rings true to the anxiety she feels about moving from the wilds of Canada into Toronto.  The string of trailers with families of dam workers, and the culture they know (groceries being delivered, wildlife sightings, school in a trailer) are all comfort memories. Would be a good book to recommend to a family planning to relocate.

Explore the North

Author: Norbert Rosing

If you are interested in polar bears, this is the book for you. You will learn about polar bear habitat, behavior, and food sources and enjoy the bright photographs.