Author: Nina Laden

 Outstanding! A cat and dog fall in love and are secretly married by a mouse. Similar to Romeo and Juliet until the end (yippee!). Drooliet is near death when Romeow saves her in the only way a cat can! Very clever and poetic, too! Great introduction to the real play. 

Author: Eric Litwin

Okay, this rates as one of my favorite picture books of ALL TIME! It is about having a positive outlook on life and taking each experience as it comes. Additionally, it reviews colors. So cool and it is a SONG! Fun, fun!

Author: Mo Willems

Yippee! A super easy reader about getting along with new people and making new friends!

Author: Patricia Polacco

It was about a teacher, cat, and a class.the pictures were great. When autumn ran away i was sad. When the cat ran away her tale got a big gash in it. Then she came back and they lived happily ever after. 

Little Beauty

Author: Anthony Browne

Little Beauty is a kitten that was given to a very smart gorilla because he was lonely. The gorilla and kitten became very good friends and did everything together. Until one day the gorilla smashed the TV because he was angry. The zoo keepers decided to take Little Beauty away because they were afraid the gorilla would hurt her but what really happens will surprise you. 


Author: Jon Scieszka

This book had me rocking with laughter.  Growing up with five brothers, Jon Scieszka has explained in this book where he gets his terrific sense of humor.  Attending Catholic school creates the scene for hilarious school stories.  Don't miss the chapter on their family vacation where they take a road trip to Florida with their cat.  Great guy book for grades 4-7 or for a "Guys Only" book discussion.

Author: Sharon Creech

Thank you, Sharon Creech, for writing such a smashing follow up to "Love that Dog". This sequel does not disappoint! If you love poetry and love its conventions you will love this book. A student is learning how to write poetry from a terrific teacher. He is introduced to forms by reading examples of other poets and then tries his hand at them. At the end of the book, just like in Love That Dog, we have copies of all the poems that are referred to. Yippee! I love the character of Uncle Bill who is so judgmental about what Jack is learning. It is so true about the snobbery in literature. Uncle Bill calls some of the poems that Jack shares with him, "highly overrated." That made me laugh out loud. We all think we are connoisseurs sometimes. (wink) I also adored the subtlety of the description of the relationship between Jack and his mother. We read very few words yet understand fully that Jack and his mother are extremely close. This is a winner! Read "Love that Dog" first.