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A Very Babymouse Christmas

Author: Jennifer L. Holm

In A Very Babymouse Christmas, the latest in the graphic novel series by Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm, Babymouse is absolutely obsessed with the idea of receiving a Whiz Bang from Santa Claus. A few literary vignettes including The Night Before Christmas and A Christmas Carol are referenced with a few changes. Will Babymouse receive her Whiz Bang for Christmas? Will she learn any lessons in this installment of the series? Will the series continue past this book? All these questions are answered in A Very Babymouse Christmas.

Recommended for grades 1 to 4.

Originally posted in: APL Picks for Kids

A Christmas Tree for Pyn

Author: Olivier Dunrea

Oother is a big, gruff, widowed mountain man who lives with his small, gentle, pigtailed daughter, Pyn. While he loves Pyn, Oother is not the kind to soften for anyone; when Pyn calls him “Papa,” he responds with a grunt, “My name is Oother.” Patient, uncomplaining Pyn cooks and keeps house while Oother works all day in the woods. As Christmas draws near, Pyn longs for a tree to decorate, to help bring cheer into their humble cottage. When Pyn asks, Oother’s immediate grunt of an answer is, “No Christmas Tree.” But Pyn does not give up, and finally sets off alone in the snow to find the perfect tree.

Popular author and artist Olivier Dunrea uses his distinctive, clean lines and intricate shadings to illustrate this sweet (not sappy) story. This would make a great holiday bedtime story, especially for ages 5-8.

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Christmas Farm

Author: Mary Lyn Ray

Perhaps it is because I love the outdoors, planting and gardening that this was among my favorite holiday books recommended by Cooperative Children's Book Center (CCBC) in Madison, Wisconsin.

Wilma had gardened for years, but she wants to plant something new on her land. During the winter months, she decides to start a Christmas tree farm in the spring and begins planning. She will need some help with all the planting and she knows that Parker, the little boy next door, will help her. Readers will enjoy the seasonal changes as years pass by and delight in watching Parker grow as the trees grow from year to year. A note from the author in the back of the book tells readers how many years it takes to grow a Christmas tree.

I recommend this book for ages 4-7.

Author: Melanie Watt

Oh Scaredy Squirrel - your scaredness makes you so irresistable. If you haven't met Scaredy Squirrel yet, this new Christmas book featuring the nervous nellie squirrel is a sure way to get to know him. He is so careful, so prepared, so tuned in to probable disasters that his advice for Christmas festivities makes for a thicker than normal picture book. But you won't care because Scaredy Squirrel is so endearing, so thoughtful, so lovable, and in the end he just wants to enjoy the holidays like everyone else.

Author: Deborah Underwood

Underwood is the author of The Quiet Book and The Loud Book. In this holiday release she beautifully portrays all the ways it can be "Christmas Quiet". The examples (Searching for Presents Quiet - Getting Caught Quiet) are fleshed out expertly in the illustrations. Young and old alike will know exactly what these "quiets" are all about. 


Author: Jackie French

Wombat is at it again, this time with Santa and the Reindeer. Wombat loves carrots and he finds out if he hangs around with said Santa and Reindeer he'll find all the carrots he could possibly eat. Nice illustrations and sparse but clever text makes this book very enjoyable.

Author: Eric Litwin

This fourth "Pete the Cat" book brings us another inspiring and uplifting message about positivity. In this wonderful book the song we sing is "give it your all". This is the perfect refrain to match the annual season of giving. Pete the Cat has to take the place of Santa. We know he can do it! As he sings his song (and keeps moving along) readers of all ages are reminded to be sharing, giving people who go the extra mile! (Funny truth: Eric Litwin says he has joined the annals of Jewish authors who have created Christmas offerings. Yippee for all of us!)


Title: Jake
Author: Audrey Couloumbis

Imagine this….
You are ten years old and it is just days before Christmas. You and your mom are out running a few last minute Christmas errands. You load the groceries in the car and call out to mom about your next stop. There is no answer…she was right there on the other side of the car. What is going on? Mom? Mom? You dance across the ice to the other side of the car. Then you see it; your mom is lying partway under the car. She is white, almost like the ice, her face pinched in a way you have never seen.
Who do you call for help? Your dad died when you were young, you have no family close by, no one to call. Who will take care of mom? Who will take care of you?

Author: Caralyn Buehner

This is a heartwarming story of how snowmen celebrate Christmas.

Read how they party and gather in the town square while waiting for

a visit from the Snowman Santa Claus!

Bonus:  See if you can find the hidden objects in each painting-a list

of what to look for is on the last page of the book.

If you like this book you may also like "Snowmen at Night" also written by Caralyn Buehner.

Author: Erin Kono

 This book is another spin on the The Twelve Days of Christmas. It's one of series of books tailoring the song to things unique about the States. Jake's cousin Emma is coming to Wisconsin to visit. In preparation for the visit Jake sends Emma "just a little bit of our state" over twelve days. This includes a robin, 2 Ducks (as in Wisconsin Dells), 3 get the picture. Along with the illustrations is a description, history, explanation, of the Wisconsin things. This is one of those hard to peg books. You could use the "song" part of the book for preschoolers and use the informative/historical parts of the book for school aged youth - but I didn't find either parts particularly exciting or entertaining. Good historical information yes, but not really a Christmas book. Those old enough to "get it" might enjoy it though. Search for it in InfoSoup