Author: Janet Schulman

This is a nice counting book about decorating the tree. I like that menorah candles represent the number 9. This shows how multifaceted our society is and that we are all celebrating together and enjoying the lights of the season.

Author: Ami Rubinger

This was a fun book to read for my tenth anniversary! This book counts up to ten.

Missing Mittens

Author: Stuart J. Murphy

Every animal on Farmer Bill's farm is missing one mitten! Children can investigate odd and even numbers as they unravel the missing mittens mystery! The illustrations in this book are funny and cute. There is one picture of Farmer Bill's cow, and she is wearing her on her UDDER! This book is an easy MathStart level 1 book. In MathStart books, pictures do more than tell stories, they teach math. This is a wonderful concept and a great book.

Author: Erin Kono

 This book is another spin on the The Twelve Days of Christmas. It's one of series of books tailoring the song to things unique about the States. Jake's cousin Emma is coming to Wisconsin to visit. In preparation for the visit Jake sends Emma "just a little bit of our state" over twelve days. This includes a robin, 2 Ducks (as in Wisconsin Dells), 3 get the picture. Along with the illustrations is a description, history, explanation, of the Wisconsin things. This is one of those hard to peg books. You could use the "song" part of the book for preschoolers and use the informative/historical parts of the book for school aged youth - but I didn't find either parts particularly exciting or entertaining. Good historical information yes, but not really a Christmas book. Those old enough to "get it" might enjoy it though. Search for it in InfoSoup