Author: Judi K. Beach

This pretty book describes some of the many ways we can view snow. It captures all the loveliness and variety of the season.

Author: Peter Brown

This book was a delight and so hopeful. I found out more by watching the DVD produced by Weston Woods. I like that the main character, Liam, starts a garden that spreads and spreads and spreads all over the city.

It seems like the opposite of a book that I loved by Australian author Jeannie Baker (published 1991) called "Window". However, that book was a cautionary tale about the city taking over nature. I'm really happy with this new concept of "greening" in this book and DVD.

Author: Eric Wight

I enjoyed this graphic novel (for the younger set) about Frankie who is finding mathematics challenging. Unknown to him, over a weekend, his parents set up some situations for him in which he is actually learning about the concepts of math, hands-on. Because of this he has a better understanding of mathematical equations. Very well done, this is a book kids can relate to.

Author: Alissa Imre Geis

In this sweet book, Neil dreams of a castle but when he wakes up it takes several attempts before he can make that castle.

Who is the artist?

Title: Art & Max
Author: David Wiesner

Arthur is an experienced artist. Max is not. Fun ensues as Max paints Art.

Author: Mary Jane Auch

Each Easter I like to pull this one back out. What a clever tale about a hen who lays eggs that match what she sees. This book is a celebration of creativity!

Author: Margaret Wise Brown

Cool book about a creative boy with a great imagination who designs his own bedroom!

The Pencil

Title: The Pencil
Author: Allan Ahlberg

While some may compare this great picture book with the classic one about the purple crayon... the twist is clear when the pencil character creates... the eraser! Then a new problem arises when the eraser takes over and rubs out everything the pencil creates. How is the pencil going to stop the eraser? Tension builds but creativity takes over. Read who wins this battle in The Pencil by Allan Ahlberg. I give it 5 stars.

Author: Sandi Henry

What a great book for so many reasons!  60+ projects to create from basic supplies are presented by theme, challenge level and materials needed to complete the activities. Each project is labeled as to level of challenge, from projects requiring few tools or special skills (Level 1) to those introducing new techniques and requiring several steps to complete (Level 3). I particularly like the projects titled Sandpaper Relief Print (Level 2, Bean-and-Seed Pendant (Level 2), and Leaping Lizard (Level 3).

A unique feature of the book offers several projects that include brief references to famous artists that used similar techniques for their masterpieces.  (A cool idea would be to display kids’ projects next to a copy of the master’s!) Advice and ideas on getting organized before starting a project are offered.  The book promotes the use of recyclable materials (great for SLP & Earth Day) and ideas on how to display art ‘creations’ are also included.

If you like this book, you may want to check out Cut-Paper Play! also by Sandi Henry.

Librarians from various InfoSoup libraries recently gathered together to talk about children's books and recorded the session to share with you here. We were a little long-winded this time around (sorry!), so listen when you have about 20 minutes to spare. We hope you enjoy this recording as much as we enjoyed making it! Listen now (22:40)

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