Author: Ann Vittur Kennedy

I was so delighted by this funny picture book that I brought it home and had my husband and high school and college age kids read it. The illustrations add the right amount of comical touch to the story. I had a smile on my face throughout the whole story and laughed out loud at certain pages (the one about grass especially). This book would be great for any dog or farm theme unit, or just as a fun story to share with your children. Check out this charmer! 

Author: Judith Viorst

What would you do for money?  Meet Lulu....the loudest, rudest girl you might ever meet.  She's got a plan...we don't know what it is...but she needs money.  Add to the story a know-it-all, perfect boy named Fleischman and you have for a very funny story.  This would be a great read-aloud, especially if the reader is very animated!  This is a quick read.  I hope to promote it during Money Smart Week in April.

So much longing....

Author: Marion Bauer

If you've every wanted a dog and couldn't have one, this book is for you.  Told in verse makes it a quick read.  Told from many points of view, this story is all about longing for something. "And what is longing made of except hope?"  Don't worry, no dogs die!

Author: Ami Rubinger

This was a fun book to read for my tenth anniversary! This book counts up to ten.

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How To Steal A Dog

Author: Barbara O'Connor

Georgina and her family suddenly find themselves homeless. Living out of a car with her mother and little brother while her mother works two jobs makes Georgina think about what she can do to help the situation. She comes up with a wild idea to steal a dog and claim reward money after the owner posts reward signs for the lost dog. As the story unfolds, Georgina and the reader grow fond of a mysterious man named Mookie, an old woman named Carmella, and a little dog named Willy. Sometimes, the best lessons happen in the worst of times. Although the topic is sad, the story is told in a loving way that keeps the reader engaged throughout.

I recommend it for both boys and girls, grades 5-7.

Author: Kate DiCamillo

Opal named her dog Winn Dixie after a store . Did you know they live in a mobile home? They live in a mobile home because they just moved to Florida. The preacher told Opal ten things about her mother because she was little when her mother left. They have a church that used to be a store .When they are at church they bring their fold up chairs to sit on. Opal met a friend named Gloria Dump. They had a party at Gloria’s. Opal invited her dad the preacher and she invited Miss Franny Block the librarian. When she met Miss Franny Block she thought Winn Dixie was a bear.

I liked the book because it has a dog in it. Opal is the main character. She got the dog at a funny place. I liked when the preacher told ten things about Opal’s mother. If you like realistic fiction, I think you would like this book. If you like dog books, you should read this book. It gives a lot of details about the friends Opal and her dog.

Title: Granite
Author: Susan Butcher

This nonfiction picture book for elementary school aged youth describes the life of Granite, the lead dog on Susan Butcher's team during her years as a champion musher. Butcher and Granite won the Iditarod four times during their years together. This is a poignant story, made even more so because it was published after Butcher's death in 2006 from Leukemia. Granite had a tough start in life, and suffered a life-threatening illness that doctors said made racing impossible. But Butcher never gave up on him and nursed him back to health and racing. This book would be a great addition for any teaching units that use the Iditarod. It is also a great book for youth who love dog stories. The Iditarod still captures the imagination of many children and adults. This book will help satisfy curiosity about it.

Author: Chris Raschka

A Ball for Daisy by Chris Raschka is a picture book without words. Young children will be able to figure out the story on their own by looking at the pictures and seeing the expressions on dog Daisy's face. The face tells it all.

Author: Jon Katz

Meet Rose, Izzy, Frieda, and Lenore, four dogs that work hard on the farm doing various jobs. Each dog has a different role on the farm and a unique story.

Author: Susan Gal

Susan Gal knows how to get you to think and read like a dog.  This is a perfect book for any dog lover, dog owner, or dog wannabe.  It had me sniffing and panting and wanting to go to the dog park!  I love the way the dog's eyes are illustrated, you can really get a sense of the dog's enthusiasm.  Beyond the dog, it is really a story of community in that the dog's viewpoint (and eye level) is just that of a child too.  We can see the playground, the shoppes, the park, etc. all places kids (and dogs) love to be.  Read this one at a dog themed storytime!