Author: Jane Kohuth

What would it be like if the ducks got together and danced on Friday night every week? This rhyming, active book tells us all about it.

Backyard Camping

Title: Duck Tents
Author: Lynne Berry

Five ducks set up tents in the backyard to camp. Join them in this book with rhymes!

The Odd Egg

Author: Emily Gravett

Each of the birds has an egg...except for Duck. So when Duck finds a beautiful egg of his own he’s delighted -- even though the other birds make fun of it. But everyone’s in for a BIG surprise when his egg finally hatches! Duck gets his revenge in the end! The witty text and adorable illustrations are on cleverly-designed cut pages that allow the visual jokes to unfold one at a time. I loved this book and laughed out loud at some of the illustrations. The ending is a surprise, that is for sure. Any child [or adult!] would love this book. 

Tickle the Duck!

Author: Ethan Long

Are you ticklish?  This duck sure is.  But, he doesn't want you to tickle him.  At least, that is what he says.  This is an adorable book with a duck that looks angry as he raises his foot for you NOT to tickle.  Then he lifts his arm for you NOT to tickle under his arm.  When we finally listen and don't tickle him, he realizes how much he likes it.  Then, he says, maybe, come to think of it, you can tickle him right there, on his tummy, and he laughs and laughs.  This is such a cute book with cartoon pictures that are really funny.  There are places on the pages where you can touch (or tickle!) the duck on his tummy, under his arm, and on his foot.  This is a children's board book and appropriate for any age child. 

Author: Doreen Cronin

It's time for the annual Corn Maze Festival and Farmer Brown wants to create a special Statue of Liberty corn maze. He has to bribe the cows, chickens, and Duck to help him. Duck helps him during the daytime but at night he makes his own special surprise! The best way to see the corn maze is from up in the air. Would you like to ride in a hot air balloon like Duck and Farmer Brown? (available in Spanish, too) I really enjoyed reading about Duck's adventures.

Some of the other books by this author include:

Duck On a Bike

Author: David Shannon

In this silly tale, Duck decides to try riding a bike, and rides past all the farm animals. Each animal thinks Duck is being silly until they have the opportunity to try riding bikes, too, and they all love it. The text has many repetitions, so there's potential for audience participation. The illustrations are bright, colorful, and appealing. overall, it has great appeal, and makes for an excellent read aloud.