Author: Patricia MacLachlan

This book about cause and effect poses a curious question. If this set of things happened could that drive this other set of things? Your answer will be a resounding "YES"!

This is a wonderful book of beauty, hope and joy!

Author: Don Brown

This graphic novel showed me more that I didn't already know about the 1930s Dust Bowl.  I can hardly even imagine the dust so thick and high in the air that snow fell brown and that cities on the East Coast were so affected.  Quick read for anyone wanting to know more about this environmental disaster in our nation's history.

Author: Joanna Cole

It's great to see picture book authors use their format to get factual information to very young readers.  Magic School Bus author, Joanna Cole, has been doing this for a long time.  Her newest book about global warming gives kids a brief and concise view of just what the problem with too much carbon dioxide production on our planet is all about.  I like that she also offers very simple and practical solutions that each and every one of us can adopt to make a difference for our future.  The book can be a read aloud and the older picture book reader can study the sidebars and speech bubbles to explore deeper into the issue.

Author: George McClements

When seven quirky woodland animals discover that their forest home is going to be leveled to build a factory, the have to hatch a plan to save their habitat. Fox constructs a giant mechanical dinosaur using sticks, vines, and “borrowed” burlap, and the appearance of his prehistoric creature not only stops construction of the factory but attracts scientists and reporters from around the world.  Cartoonlike  illustrations give this book a playful feel. Surprise ending that I loved, too.  Also, great project to make your own dinosaur at the end of the book.

Author: Eileen Spinelli

I really liked this book. We used it for the summer reading program. It teaches children to recycle many things The students in Miss Fox’s *class* lead their school in making choices to help keep the planet healthy, such as turning off lights when leaving a room, taking shorter showers, and using cloth bags instead of plastic ones.