Author: Patricia MacLachlan

This book about cause and effect poses a curious question. If this set of things happened could that drive this other set of things? Your answer will be a resounding "YES"!

This is a wonderful book of beauty, hope and joy!

Author: Peter Brown

This book was a delight and so hopeful. I found out more by watching the DVD produced by Weston Woods. I like that the main character, Liam, starts a garden that spreads and spreads and spreads all over the city.

It seems like the opposite of a book that I loved by Australian author Jeannie Baker (published 1991) called "Window". However, that book was a cautionary tale about the city taking over nature. I'm really happy with this new concept of "greening" in this book and DVD.

Author: Barack Obama

This beautiful and uplifting books celebrates the attributes of great people in our country--male and female and from all walks of life. It mentions their contributions to what America is and encourages children to be inspired and use their talents to participate in our amazing nation. Credit must be given to the illustrator, Loren Long, who does such a breathtaking job of embodying joy and hopefulness in his pictures.