Author: Mark Sperring

This book is a poem accompanied by bright, dazzling pictures that tells about the shapes that a child would encounter in the course of a day. The book ends with the mother of the child explaining that the shape of her heart is filled with all of their time together and her love for her child.

Author: David Van Buren

I really enjoyed reading this book to Bella, my grand daughter 

Big Bear and Little Bear love each other SO much that their love stretches high up into the mountains, far away to the stars. Children will treasure this reminder of how much they are loved. To the sky and beyond. This is how much I wanted Bella to know how much I Love her

Author: Eric Litwin

This fourth "Pete the Cat" book brings us another inspiring and uplifting message about positivity. In this wonderful book the song we sing is "give it your all". This is the perfect refrain to match the annual season of giving. Pete the Cat has to take the place of Santa. We know he can do it! As he sings his song (and keeps moving along) readers of all ages are reminded to be sharing, giving people who go the extra mile! (Funny truth: Eric Litwin says he has joined the annals of Jewish authors who have created Christmas offerings. Yippee for all of us!)

Author: Todd Parr

I adore all Todd's books and this is no exception. Simple text accompanies bright bold pictures. Thanks to Kelly for introducing this one to me that somehow missed my radar!

Author: Deborah Diesen

This is such a great picture book about turning around an attitude!! I LOVE IT!! Great rhyming and vocabulary, a natural flow and not forced.

Author: Jonathan Allen

Baby Hare tries to convince Baby Owl that he is Santa. When Baby Owl finally agrees that he is Baby Hare accuses him of lying. In this hilarious book, both animals begin to bawl. Only a surprise visit from Santa himself can resolve the ruckus.

Author: Pamela Duncan Edwards

This is a delightful story about an old house with “low self-esteem” who realizes its potential when a family considers moving in. When the house stops feeling sorry for itself and starts feeling sorry for the family, then we know their will be a great outcome!

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Title: Uglypuss
Author: Caroline Gregoire

Marty doesn't like his new puppy because he is ugly and he decides to call him Uglypuss. Uglypuss does what dogs do--he is loyal and loving and close by. What happens to Marty and Uglypuss to make Marty realize that Uglypuss is great? You will have to read the book to find out!


Title: Lola
Author: Loufane

Lola is a very independent chicken and she isn't impressed with the rooster all the other girls think is so great. Lola wants a love all her own so she leaves the safety of the farm looking for her very own true love. Little does she know someone has slyly followed her into the dangerous deep dark forest. Will Lola regret her choice to leave the farm?