Author: Wong Herbert Yee

Mouse and Mole go to see a magician but Mole is disappointed when he discovers how the tricks are done. Mouse takes it upon herself to teach Mole a different definition of magic! Yay! Delightful!

Author: Ying Chang Compestine

I used this book in celebration of Chinese New Year. It is a great tale about a beat up wok that takes things from the mean rich family--food, toys, and money--and brings them to the poor family who is appreciative and willing to share. The wok also makes handy work of the mean family at the end. The pictures are vivid and carry the energy of the story.

Illustrator: Sebastia Serra

Author: P. L. Travers

Understanding that this book was written in the 1930s, when books for children were just becoming popular, I was amazed at the imaginative story lines in this book.  Each chapter really a short story, I found myself wanting to compare and contrast with the classic Walt Disney movie, Mary Poppins.  There are some movie scenes not in the book.... and some book scenes not in the movie. Then, after seeing Saving Mr. Banks (Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson) which is the story of P. L. Travers and her reluctance to give up the rights to her story to Disney, I really wanted to read the book.  In the end, I think Mr. Disney did P. L. Travers a huge favor in making sure her story of Mary Poppins lives on for generations.

Author: J.M. (James Matthew) Barrie

If you or your children- or better yet, you and your children!- love classic children's literature, you're in for quiet a treat. There is so much more to Peter Pan than what you have ever seen in a cartoon movie or a play. Peter Pan and Wendy is beautifully written and totally enchanting. J.M. Barrie's imaginative storytelling and sweet asides to the reader, as if telling morsels of secrets just between the two of them; will keep drawing you back into the book. 

Peter Pan, in case you haven't heard, is the tale of a boy who lives in the magical locale of "Neverland", where he and all its other occupants never have to grow up. So Peter Pan is an eternal boy. And he embodies and gives life to all the characteristics we love about boys: their mischievousness, their teasing, their curiousity, and their need for adventure. And his home of Neverland is home to such creatures as fairies, pirates, and mermaids. The stuff of childhood dreams! 

In perfect harmony with the beauty of the written words, in this particular edition are the stunning illustrations. Every chapter has its own work of art. The large size of the volume, the sturdiness of the book, and the attached satin bookmark give this book a timeless and classic feel. My seven year old and I absoultely adore this volume!

Get the book so your children- or yourself!- can fall in love with a tale that's been captivating hearts for over a century.

Author: Adam Jay Epstein

I'm not much of a fantasy fan yet loved this concept of familiars helping out wizards and seeing from their point of view. Action packed--one mishap or adventure on top of another. I think kids would love this and be anxiously awaiting the next in the series.

Make a wish!

Author: Eric A. Kimmel

Joha has lots to wish for and is lucky enough to discover a magic wand. His wishes don't work as he expects. In fact, they make his situation worse. What will happen when the sultan forces him to use the wand?

Enjoy this humorous tale with beautiful illustrations.

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The Magic Half

Author: Annie Barrows

The middle child between two sets of twins, Miri feels overlooked and out of place even in her own family. Not only that, but, unlike most of her friends, she still likes to play pretend games and still wants to believe that magic is real even though nothing magical has ever happened to her. Miri and family have just moved into an old house, and her small bedroom, with its worn and ugly wallpaper, seems strange to her. Sent to her bedroom after hitting her brother, Miri discovers a glasses lens taped to one of the walls. Looking through the lens, she is suddenly pulled back in time to the house as it was in the year 1935, and discovers Molly, a girl very much like her, who longs for magic to save her from her abusive relatives. Upon meeting, the girls share a moment of joy when they realize magic is indeed real. But the magical twists and turns of events have created problems for both of them. Will Miri be able to get back to her own time? Will she ever see her family again? Will she be able to help Molly escape from her horrible cousin Horst? Is Horst a thief? A killer?

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Title: Scumble
Author: Ingrid Law

This companion book to Ingrid law's Savvy take us to another branch of the O'Connell family tree (great reference graphic in front of the book to help keep everyone straight).  Ledger discovers on his 13th birthday that his "savvy" is a difficult one to control.... mechanical things are magically disintegrated at the slightest show of Ledge's emotions.  Staying at his Uncle Autry's ranch in Sundance, Wyoming, for the summer might give him time to "scumble", or learn to handle, his savvy.  All looks promising until he meets Sarah Jane Cabot, a amatuer reporter, who is threatening to reveal his family's secrets.  How does Ledge learn to control his emotions and his savvy, and how does Uncle Autry plan to keep the family ranch?  Readers will love the members of this wacky family and their savvies.

Author: Tom Lalicki

Skill, knowledge, trickery, and fearlessness, ran through his veins…He was Harry Houdini. Houdini was not afraid to attempt any feat that would dazzle a crowd of onlookers and make some quick money. In this biography, some of Houdini’s most famous illusions are described. Houdini advertised that he could escape from anything and often sought challenges from local police departments where he was touring. Handcuff, jails, straitjackets, packing crates, tire chains: Houdini could escape. Underwater, high in the air, upside down, in the dark: Houdini could escape. This book is sure to leave you asking, “But how did he do it?”

Title: Inkheart
Author: Cornelia Funke

This book is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it combines the real world and a fantasy world.