Author: Celestino Piatti

This pair of wise owls attempt to teach the (foul) fowls that being happy is being appreciative of nature and the seasons.

Even the youngest among us understand the message of this book.

Title: Stella!
Author: Marie-Louise Gay

Stella and her younger brother Sam explore their gorgeous world together. There are five stories in this treasury and they make you happy just reading them. The water color paintings that illustrate this book are whimsical, inviting, muted and pretty. I love the art and I love the girl and I love the sentiment!

Author: Wong Herbert Yee

Mouse and Mole go to see a magician but Mole is disappointed when he discovers how the tricks are done. Mouse takes it upon herself to teach Mole a different definition of magic! Yay! Delightful!

Author: Susan Roth

This picture book for older readers tells the story of the Puerto Rico Parrots and the fight to save them from going extinct. The illustrations in this book are incredible - artfully arranged collages that spread vertically over two page spreads with the text well placed for reading the story. People of all ages will be drawn in by the art and the story of how scientists saved the parrots from extinction will grab the attention of elementary aged youth.

Author: Jean Pendziwol

This lyrical picture book celebrates the beauty of a northern night with snowflakes, owls, foxes, mice and snowshoe hares. A child is shown the "picture" right outside his window and in the process learns about the animals, the trees, the sky and the dark and how they are at night. This would be a great going to bed story.

Author: EB White

I read aloud this classic book by EB White, author of Charlotte's Web and Stuart Little, to my kids ages 6, 8 and 9.  All four of us truly enjoyed this book.  As I read the first two chapters I thought we might have a hard time getting into this one, but we stuck it out and by chapter 3 we were hooked and the kids always asked me to read just one more chapter when I said I was done.  The book tells the story of a baby cygnet trumpeter swan named Louis who was born without a voice.  I don't want to give it away, but will say that the swan does learn to communicate with the assistance of his swan dad and a little boy named Sam Beaver.  After Louis finds his voice he goes on some adventures.  It is a sweet little story and I would highly recommend it to families to read together or a child in later elementary to read independently. 


Title: Mossy
Author: Jan Brett

This is a cute story about Mossy- a turtle who grows plants on his shell.  The artwork is STUNNING as all Jan Brett's are, but this is a favorite.  We have checked it out twice in the last month just to look at the pictures again.  There is so much to see.  If you like nature and especially nature museums, like our family, you will enjoy this book!  It is my favorite Jan Brett book. 

Title: Big Turtle
Author: David McLimans

The Huron-Iroquois lived in Canada prior to the Iroquois Confederacy that lived in and around New York State. The Iroquois Confederacy consists of the following tribes: Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca and Tuscarora. In Wisconsin, the Oneida Nation is represented. This creation myth is rooted in this history. It is a story that has been passed down through time. The illustrations are captivating and geometrical. I love how the artwork interprets the story. Having worked at the Oneida Turtle School I appreciate the cultural significance of the images. I applaud the illustration of the turtle and how the calendar is represented on turtle's back. I am so happy about the imagery of the longhouses. Congratulations to David McLimans for his wonderful and reverential eye for detail. This book is a great springboard for Wisconsin studies in schools. It is a significant contribution for the state of WI and our country. (This title is a recommended book from the Children's Book Award committee from Wisconsin for books published in 2011.)

Author: Mary Quattlebaum

A father and daughter love to watch the life at their pond in this fun book. Besides looking at the beauty, they listen to the wonderful noises that are being made and they notate their thoughts in a journal. This is a terrific book for celebrating spring and summer!

Spirals in nature

Author: Joyce Sidman

Joyce Sidman explores spirals in nature, from animals to plants to weather to the galaxy, all accompanied with beautiful scratchboard illustrations by Beth Krommes. Simple language is used to explain the occurrences of coiling, curling, and spiraling in nature , while examples are labeled in the illustration. Additional information after the body of the text provides details for curious children and adults.