Author: Lydia Monks

What if a spider decided it wanted to be your family pet? What if your family decided that would be great? And would there be a happy ending? Check out this delightful book to find out!

Cone Wearing Dog

Author: Lori Ries

This is a new plot in kids books that was quite refreshing. The idea of a child telling his beloved pet not to worry about being at the veterinarian's office for surgery overnight. Beginning readers who own pets will connect instantly.

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Title: Uglypuss
Author: Caroline Gregoire

Marty doesn't like his new puppy because he is ugly and he decides to call him Uglypuss. Uglypuss does what dogs do--he is loyal and loving and close by. What happens to Marty and Uglypuss to make Marty realize that Uglypuss is great? You will have to read the book to find out!