Author: Eileen Browne

I have been using the big book version of this book at story times all week. It is a lovely story set in Kenya. Handa is making a fruit basket to share with her friend. (These mid-winter months are the perfect time to cherish fruit!). Handa is able to balance the basket of 7 fruits on her head as she walks to a nearby village to visit her friend. Along the way, enterprising animals snatch fruit off her basket until there are none. No fear, a happy surprise happens to fill up the basket with fruit that is altogether different than the original choices. This book is wonderful for developing vocabulary and chronology.

Author: Cynthia Lord

In this fun book, hamster shows his adventurous spirit at the fair! When he gets the chance to do something extra special, he earns a load of fair tickets that he shares with everyone in line at the food stand! Sweet.

Author: Ying Chang Compestine

I used this book in celebration of Chinese New Year. It is a great tale about a beat up wok that takes things from the mean rich family--food, toys, and money--and brings them to the poor family who is appreciative and willing to share. The wok also makes handy work of the mean family at the end. The pictures are vivid and carry the energy of the story.

Illustrator: Sebastia Serra

Author: Amy Krause Rosenthal

Sparse words and simple illustrations lend itself to the power of this great story!  Little Miss grabs her shovel and plants a kiss (literally!).  From there, she patiently waits, verging on doubt, until a small sprout appears.  She wastes no time in sharing the love whereever she goes, learning that a simple act of kindness and love can lead to "endless bliss."  A great example of sharing and selflessness for young children.

Title: Dog Heaven
Author: Graham Salisbury

Calvin has a challenge to write an essay for his teacher, Mr. Purdy. He also gets attached to a dog at the Humane Society. Will he be allowed to keep it? How does the journey with the dog help with the essay?

Title: All I See
Author: Cynthia Rylant

This is an older book, but it is worth a second look. It has lovely pictures and it is about Gregory, a painter, who takes Charlie, an aspiring painter, under his wing. It reminds us how we learn from those who have gone before!

Author: Eric Litwin

This fourth "Pete the Cat" book brings us another inspiring and uplifting message about positivity. In this wonderful book the song we sing is "give it your all". This is the perfect refrain to match the annual season of giving. Pete the Cat has to take the place of Santa. We know he can do it! As he sings his song (and keeps moving along) readers of all ages are reminded to be sharing, giving people who go the extra mile! (Funny truth: Eric Litwin says he has joined the annals of Jewish authors who have created Christmas offerings. Yippee for all of us!)

Author: Maureen Wright

Sneezy the snowman doesn't like to be cold.  The children who built him try many different ways to help him but he keeps melting!

This is a wonderful winter read-aloud.  The pictures are colorful and it is a funny story.  There is repeating text to encourage children participation.  After reading this story I just wanted to go outside and make my own snowman!

Author: Nancy Carlson

Arnie may not have any grandparents to invite for grandparents' day but read this book to see how it turns out to be a happy ending anyway! Sweet!

Author: George Shannon

This picture book is creative because it teaches us to share (when we have more than enough for ourselves) in a gentle, happy, and fascinating way. What's great in the end notes is that we learn this is a centuries old story that has crossed cultures. We also learn some Chinese in the book!