stories in rhyme

Author: Amy Krause Rosenthal

Sparse words and simple illustrations lend itself to the power of this great story!  Little Miss grabs her shovel and plants a kiss (literally!).  From there, she patiently waits, verging on doubt, until a small sprout appears.  She wastes no time in sharing the love whereever she goes, learning that a simple act of kindness and love can lead to "endless bliss."  A great example of sharing and selflessness for young children.

Author: Maureen Wright

Sneezy the snowman doesn't like to be cold.  The children who built him try many different ways to help him but he keeps melting!

This is a wonderful winter read-aloud.  The pictures are colorful and it is a funny story.  There is repeating text to encourage children participation.  After reading this story I just wanted to go outside and make my own snowman!

Author: Caralyn Buehner

This is a heartwarming story of how snowmen celebrate Christmas.

Read how they party and gather in the town square while waiting for

a visit from the Snowman Santa Claus!

Bonus:  See if you can find the hidden objects in each painting-a list

of what to look for is on the last page of the book.

If you like this book you may also like "Snowmen at Night" also written by Caralyn Buehner.

Author: Kristyn Crow

Wonderful! The refrain is very catchy and the book is also cumulative. The ending ties up well. The humourous pictures carry the book. The "monster" is a delight!

book cover
Author: Daniel Skalak

This zany ryhming book with cartoonish drawings celebrates all the great things about summer from going camping to playing pirates (and all the fun in between)!

The Big Red Sled

Author: Jane Gerver

This book is about a young bear named Fred. Fred loves his red sled. He wants to take it to bed with him. [who wouldn’t? It’s a pretty sweet sled!] Fred waits for his parents to fall asleep. His father is snoring very loudly. He sneaks outside and goes sledding with some friends. After a while he loses his way. Oh, no! How will he find his way home? Luckily he can still hear his father’s snores and that is how he finds his way home. This time Mom lets him take his sled to bed! Delightful story, adorable pictures.

Author: Joy Cowley

Adorable read aloud for the holiday season!

Author: Denise Doyen

Once Upon a Twice is a picture book for readers that are a little older, say ages 6 and up. It is full of word play and poetry that could be a hoot to read aloud. It has words like "scoutaprowl" and "runtunnel" and "goofiddles" and "preycautions". It’s a cautionary tale about an independent minded mouse and the adventure he has one evening in the "dangershine of moon". The illustrations in this book are strking what with the full moon shining its bright light and eyes of different creatures illuminating the swamp where the story takes place.

Author: Bill Martin

This is an A, B, C book. All the little letters are trying to climb up a coconut tree, but there are too many of them, and they all fall down. Their mommy and daddy letters help them feel better. That night, letter 'a' sneaks out of bed and tries to climb up the tree again! You can get this book with an audiotape and sing along with the whole story! It's a very fun story that you should get sometime!