Author: Maya Ajmera

This is an older book but it is lovely and the message still rings true. The welcoming words of the book are from Fred Rogers. The book is about ways to act neighborly and how those actions transcend the places where we are to actually be global actions. People all over our planet assist their neighbors and celebrate with their neighbors. They educate their neighbors and work alongside their neighbors. All of humanity is building an existence and aspiring for a better life. This book is both humbling and uplifting!

Author: Bonnie Christensen

This book shows the planting life cycle in a way that lets the reader know the harvest celebrations at this time of year are the fruits of labor.

Author: Wong Herbert Yee

I was delighted to find this early chapter book by Wong Herbert Yee. I have always enjoyed his gentle, witty, inventive, and sweet style. In this book, Mouse learns how to be respectful of Mole (offering him sunglasses) and Mole learns to be respectful of Mouse (offering her candles). There are lots more in this series. I can't wait to read them all!