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Welcome to Books to Hoot About! the children's book review blog from InfoSoup librarians and users!

Author: Mineko Mamada

This is a book for all ages (!) that teaches there can be more than one correct answer to a question depending on perspective. This is a great lesson that we are learning even in our adult lives.

Author: Harriet Ziefert

In the style of "Goodnight Moon," Bear and his six friends get ready for a camp-out, starting with their underwear!  They rhyming rhythm is fun and and moves the story along nicely.  The sparse text and simple illustrations makes this a good choice for younger readers.

Author: Sara Levine

Loved ... loved .... loved this book!  It's a guessing game and an animal comparison book.  What kind of animal would you be if your finger bones gew so long that they reached your feet?  Yep... lots of questions like this and when you turn the page you are either right or amazed.  I learned so much about the ways our skeletons are the same and different.  READ THIS BOOK!

Score Big!

Author: John Coy

I'm recommending this book to all middle school basketball lovers.  John Coy knows and writes a lot about basketball, but this is the first fiction book of his I read.  It's a great mix of real life issues (friends, family, girls, homework) and the love of the game.  I like the way the author adds everyday teenagers life into the plot.  This would be good choice for reluctant readers.

Author: Jarrett Krosoczka

This new book by Jarrett tells the story of Peanut Butter (a seahorse) and Jellyfish ( a jellyfish!) and how they teach Crab what friendship looks like and feels like.

What a treat! I saw Jarrett present about this book at the library conference in Green Bay in the fall of last year!

Author: Steve Jenkins

The Steve Jenkins and Robin Page duo are at it again with this great story and illustrations about a variety of baby animals' first days.  From kiwis kicking out of their eggs to sea otters dozing on their mothers' belly to sea lion moms and pups calling back and forth to recognize each other's voices, this book is a winner!  As usual, the book ends with a glossary of the animals presented in the book with additional information for those children seeking more details.  Beautifully done.

Try not to Yawn!

Author: Helene Boudreau

In this quick read, a young boy tries his hardest not to yawn because he knows that once the first yawn escapes, bedtime is nearby!  Trying desperately to delay bedtime, the young boy begins avoiding huggable stuffed animals, soft cozy pajamas, and his favorite blankie.  But, after even his best attempt, the dreaded first yawn escapes from his mouth and off to bed he goes.  See if you can read this great bedtime story without yawning (I couldn't!).

Mouse Camoflauge

Author: Ellen Stoll Walsh

I read Mouse Paint in preschool story hour this morning. The first page shows 3 white mice stading on a piece of white paper and the cat can't find them. I asked a 5 year old "why can't the cat see them?" and he told me "they're camoflauged!"

Mouse Paint is a great introduction to color for young children. It shows the primary colors, red, yellow and blue and what happens when the mice paint themselves and then mix the colors together to make new ones. It reinforces the paint mixing when they paint the white paper always keeping in mind they need a white space because of the cat.