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Dusk as Light

Title: Dusk
Author: Uri Shulevitz

This cleverly written and illustrated book by Uri Shulevitz celebrates that transition time from day to night...dusk. "Boy with dog and Grandfather with beard" go for a walk on a winter's day and not long into the walk the light begins to change. The reader finds out that this particular winter day is special indeed and with the diminishing natural light comes a world of wonder created by all the inhabitants of the city that is the setting for this story. This beautiful book for young people makes me want to be outside at dusk on all days of the year. A bonus in this book is that the author celebrates books and reading by making libraries and bookstores prominent in the illustrations.

Author: Christie Matheson

This book would be a great interactive activity for parents and children and/or caregivers. It would also make a great storytime read for libraries offering preschool programs. "Tap the tree" the readers are instructed and see what happens when you turn the page. What happens is that the tree goes through the seasons of a year and at the end of the book, begins again. Children will love the instructions - "blow the tree a tiny kiss", "brush away the petals (swish)" and will learn how trees survive all the days of the year.

Author: Daniel Beaty

Knock Knock: My Dad's Dream for Me is the story of a young boy who suddenly faces the loss of his father's prescence in his everyday life. The boy and his father always played the "Knock Knock" game each morning as a way to greet each other and the new day and when the day comes when the boy doesn't hear the "knock knock" on his bedroom door it breaks his heart and leaves him wondering how he will get through the rest of his life. The reader eventually learns what happens to the father and is provided a glimpse of the boy's life through adulthood so the story ends with hope. The art of illustrator Bryan Collier portrays the layers of grief, disappointment and yearning that consume the young boy, but the art also portrays the hope that the father inspired in his boy and allowed him to thrive. This book would be a helpful read-aloud with any young people dealing with loss.

Title: Henny
Author: Elizabeth Rose Stanton

Henny is a chicken who is slightly different than other chickens.  Instead of wings, Henny has arms!  Henny sometimes enjoys having arms and sometimes it's not so much fun.  Read about all the fun things Henny can do with her arms and how she worries about such things as tennis elbow or being right handed or left handed.  Great fun!

Author: Bob Shea

This cute story is about Buddy who wants to eat the bunnies.  Time for all cute little bunnies to hop into Buddy's mouth. "Oh no!" they say. "There are cupcakes in the oven!" They offer Buddy some, and he becomes too full to eat the bunnies. He'll have to come back tomorrow. And so it goes between Buddy and the bunnies--they take him swimming, after which he is too tired to eat; they take him on all the rides at a carnival, after which he is too dizzy to eat; they even form a Buddy fan club . . . and who could eat their own fan club? .. Read on to see what happens to the bunnies.

Dealing with Fear

Author: Robie Harris

A short and simple book that focuses on reassurance as a way for children to overcome the fears that surround them.  After running into several uncomfortable situations, the little boy takes a moment to sit down and shout out "go away!"   His braveness is rewarded with blooming flowers, bright sun, and a soft puppy.  Superbly illustrated by the award-winning Chris Raschka.

Author: Teresa Bateman

This is a book about how our luck is created by US. In this story, the leprechauns are being selfish and they have taken all the luck out of the world. Enter Fiona, who uses her brain to think of a clever way to outwit the leprechauns and bring the luck back. Leprechauns must keep their promises. The challenge is to make the leprechauns promise what you need!

I read and listened and watched this book on TUMBLEBOOKS, available through Infosoup. It was wonderful!

Author: Catherine Jinks

Birdie is an orphan in London (circa 18070s) who is working for Alfred the Bogler. Together they are successful at capturing bogles/monsters and they live a comfortable life together. The only thing is they never know when their next case will pop up so their income isn't steady.  The talent that Birdie has to offer is that she is a very good singer. Her melodic voice (done well on the audio which I listened to) hypnotizes the monster(s) into submission. Some other people in England find out about their partnership and the work that they do. Some of those people are good and some are evil. Suddenly, Birdie has been kidnapped. By whom? For what purpose? What happens next? You will have to read the book! I loved Birdie's strength in this book.